is a Hebrew language that I first heard of from my friend Matt Carl. Matt was on pot a lot and was afraid to talk to me so I only heard very few words from him because he was studying the Kabbalah.

When my dog came to Pahala, he had gotten cancer of the heart from eating people food. I asked my sister not to feed him people food but she did it anyway. He died in 2012 when my mom was on a Christmas visit. I gave him his special food and his heart exploded from joy because his joy had been restricted by the fact that I did not have fences available for him to run in safely on the farm. Now I have good fences.

Ernie was a bone of contention between me and my sister. We had been a team from the time I was 19 years old, living on my own on Wyoming Street in Kansas City. I’m sad that Starhawk took money from Dick Cheney to buy her consent to heal his heart when he had a mechanical heart. He was very nice to her, but he was lying.

All change involves a Death. My mom realized as I comforted my dying dog, that she wanted me to take care of her during a quick and painless death, like going to sleep. I sobbed over him and cradled his head as I managed to force out the words “He’s dying”.

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