MY Book 0.0

Chapter 2

There is a time to be in grief.

Taking time to honor the grief and let it subside naturally.  You don’t want to deny the story or eradicate its memory. The story I can never forget, because it is engraved in my heart with my most treasured memories of love.

It was a time of great controversy in our beloved city.  A time of spiritual tests.

I stood alone on the open, domed terrace of my palace.  Like other buildings in Atlantis, it was made of fired terra cotta, and hung halfway suspended over the ocean.  It was a beautiful, cleanly made and impressive building with its spacious high cupola and view of the Mediterranean ocean.  The artisans and craftspeople of Atlantis were the recipients of generations of wisdom about architecture, engineering, and metallurgy, which is what made our city so rich and powerful.

Alone, but calm, clear eyed and resolved to face the truth, I waited patiently, listening to the pounding of the ocean waves under a dark overcast sky.

A servant announced my visitor.  Robed, with long white hair and bent with age but still quite healthy, my close counselor and friend crossed the circular floor of the terrace with a reverential demeanor.  My respect for his age was completely overshadowed by his almost worshipful respect for my position in the city and the depth of my wisdom, gained through many lifetimes of incarnations.  A great love and joy permeated throughout the air as we met, despite the gravity of the situation.

He approached me without a smile, and I did not smile either although I was so relieved to see him.  I towered over him in height as he handed me a scroll. Neither of us wept, but his eyes welled with tears as he tried and failed to find any comforting words.

Chapter 3

I don’t want to remember what was written in that scroll.  For a long time, the memory was lost, until through the aeons of time and many reincarnations, the one who I loved appeared in my life and retold the story of what happened to her, the story that I read in the scroll, told by one of our informants who had witnessed the events.

The grief that subsumed me also collapsed the energetic field of protection that I had been casting over Atlantis.  The laws of the universe redirected the energy of the deeds that had been done, back at my city, and there was nothing that I could do except to allow it all to pass through me as the thunderclap broke over my head and began the downpour that eventually broke the hills above the city and submerged it in liquid mud.  I watched the raging storm and lightning ripping across the sky as the reflection of my own inner state.  

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