Allow me to apologize for my words that were written. What I meant to say was, that all this energy I give you you will scrupulously and in grace, always return to me. I am sorry that I made this donation to my sister and former protege and anyone else who was given a donation, without building a container of consent around what was going on.

“It is a balanced relationship. My relationship with Malian nourishes me. She let her husband go, when he fell in love with someone else, because I had compassion for how he felt, and how much it would hurt him if I was the one who destroyed his love.

Why would you spend your moments crying another’s tears to cry? So usually women wants to stay happy because improves their looks…what would happen if your energy were the energy responsible for improving my looks and I depended on you so much and found you indispensable?

I feel contempt because what you’re doing is not helping. You’re teaching them that they’re beautiful, but what is the use if they haven’t validated who they are inside and who they want to be? You’re just taking advantage of their

The German national agency for international cooperation, welcomed back their employee, Malter Boysen, who is a reflection of myself in the masculine. He’s a reflection of all the men who have taught me what they could, over the years

Pleiadean incarnate is in danger, save her save her. SHE is the message in the bottle. She is the seventh member of the Atlantean council, the tiebreaker. If there was a tie in the vote, Malian would be the council member to decide.

She’s just gone to a very dark place, that’s all, there’s nothing wrong.

It’s just immensely painful to let go.

How do I endure pain without losing my joy?

I see a tall man with long dark hair, wandering, lost in his thoughts. He keeps his hands in his pockets and it’s clear he’s keeping his thoughts to himself. I see him in Hamburg, riding up and down escalators. I see him traveling through the Alexandria – DC tunnel.


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