Matrix 4

If everything dies and changes, then what is really true? – Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Neo’s voice [narration]: We all have to die one day. Just some of us sooner than others.

The darkness begins to dissipate as we see the reflection of the sun on asphalt still wet from a cold rain. Dead leaves skitter across the street and we hear Neo’s footsteps before we see him. He is walking with his hands in his pockets, looking down. Lost in thought.

NN: Why did I love her? Loving her, made me a wide open target for THIS. This feeling, of looking down into an infinite abyss, with no one to stop me from falling. All I know is that if I went back and had to choose again, I would still choose love.

Fade to black and fade in

Interior, pot trimming operation in Humboldt County. Rainbow-type denizens with Wookie clothes and dreadlocks are trimming buds from marijuana branches piled on a long table. The vibe is very harmonious, with smiles on everyone’s faces, yet there is a sickening submissiveness in the trimmers’ demeanor. We see that their brightly colored, festie clothing is worn and dirty at the hems and pockets. Some of them are clearly overeating from stress, while the same anxiety is causing others not to eat at all, their sunken collar bones and eye sockets making them look hungry and empty.

ORION, a balding, elf-like man with bright blue eyes and a long red beard, looks over at ALICIA, a tall, placid, Hispanic woman with big eyes and long dark wavy hair, with a twinkle in his eye.

ORION: Have you gotten to know your new housemates yet?

ALICIA is glowing with pleasure at the attention.

ALICIA: Yes! Thank you for helping me move. Everyone is being so kind to me there. I feel so thankful.

ORION grins and they lock eyes for a long moment.

ORION: Would you like to come over for dinner tomorrow night? Nai`a and Damien told me I could take tomorrow off.

ALICIA: Sure! Sure! That sounds great! I would love to.

CUT TO: NAI`A, a beautiful Polynesian woman with cat eye makeup and tight, seductive clothing on. She is watching ORION and ALICIA flirting on a surveillance video on a computer screen. She presses her lips together in a contemptuous, cunning smirk.

CUT TO: Exterior, it’s dark outside and ORION lets the screen door bang shut behind him. He takes out his phone and the eerie glow casts a pallid, bluish green light on his face. He is just beginning to focus on the phone, when NAI`A comes up behind him and gives his arm a friendly, playful squeeze.

NAI`A: Hey!

ORION: Oh, hey!

NAI`A: Did you have a good day today?

NAI`A is moving closer, in calculated moves, like a cat hunting a mouse.

ORION: Yeah! Yeah, I did. Hey, thanks for giving me tomorrow off.

NAI`A pushes up against him and he backs up, only to hit the wall of the grow house. She slides her arms under his, palms pressing agains the wall, boxing him in.

NAI`A: Yeah, that was pretty generous of me, wasn’t it?

ORION starts laughing uncomfortably, clearly he is attracted to NAI`A, and he is also somewhat intimidated.

As NAI`A puts her face close to ORION’s, she is looking him directly in the eyes as she leans in to kiss. FADE OUT.

CUT TO: The next day, interior of ORION’S apartment. It is cluttered, with empty food packages and unwashed dishes and laundry strewn about. ORION is on the phone with ALICIA.

ORION: NO, no, I really DID want to have dinner with you tonight, it’s just, something came up. I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you. Take a rain check.

ALICIA has clearly hung up, and ORION is on the verge of weeping out loud, as he hangs up the phone and runs his hands through his sparse hair, pulling it.

ORION: Jesus!

Tears spill out of his eyes as he throws the phone down and collapses on the sofa in a ball.

ORION: Neo…where ARE you?

Fade to black and fade in


We see Neo flipping in and out of the Matrix, and whether alone or in a crowd, it’s clear he’s keeping his thoughts to himself. We see him in Hamburg, riding up and down escalators. We see him traveling through the Alexandria – DC tunnel. We see him walking purposefully down a cobblestone street until he comes to the door of a parsonage. He knocks loudly. After a moment, we hear footsteps with heavy boots walking down a hallway, and the door is opened by FATHER PAUL JONES, a tall, silver-haired Catholic priest. A warm light makes the hall seem inviting, in contrast to the freezing downpour outside. FATHER JONES is a candid, sincere listener and also generally of a happy bent. He has a habit of turning his ear to whoever’s speaking in a very earnest way, and gesturing with his hands as he speaks in his strong Manchester accent.

FATHER JONES: OHO! Neo! How goes it?

NEO: Can I come in?

FATHER JONES: Of course! Right this way. You can hang your wet stuff in the hallway. Would you like a mug of tea?

NEO: Sure.

CUT TO: FATHER JONES’ study, which is really a library crammed with leather-bound books. A desk piled with books has barely any space for writing on the leather desk pad. Neo is sitting in a wooden chair with leather padding.

FATHER JONES: So, I don’t have to guess what brings you here.

NEO: Trinity.

FATHER JONES: You still miss her?

NEO: Without her, I don’t have any direction. I feel like I’m just…drifting.

FATHER JONES is lighting a thick white cigarette. He exhales the smoke, and NEO coughs.

NEO: That smells disgusting.

FATHER JONES: It’s a mapacho. For ceremonial purposes. It dispels bad spirits, and the like.

NEO: Spirits?

There is a knock on the study door.

FATHER JONES: Just a minute, I’ll get that.

FATHER JONES stands up and opens the door, and three people shove past him. NAI`A, DAMIEN, a skinny, sad-eyed reptile with a sickly pallor and missing tooth, followed by EZRA ISCARIOT, carrying himself with a pompous air of sadistic pride and universal contempt. EZRA is impressively tall, with a pewter quit somewhat darker than FATHER JONES’ whitish silver.

EZRA: Hello, everyone.

EZRA grins, ghoulishly, and points a silenced black pistol at NEO. NAI`A is pointing her gun at FATHER JONES, and DAMIEN is aiming at NEO.

NEO: Who are you?

EZRA: You can just call me Ezra.

EZRA is grinning maniacally.

NEO: I don’t know what I’ve ever done to you.

EZRA: You haven’t done it…yet.

Suddenly, there is a disruption in the Matrix: pixels start to swirl in a clockwise turning torus. From head to foot, everyone in the room is distorted, in a spiral motion towards the floor. Some of the pixels reveal a landscape in Highlands India, pristine blue sky over a rocky ground sprinkled with grassy stubble. To everyone’s surprise they are halfway in this landscape and halfway in the study at the same time. Suddenly, a phalanx of nomads on lively Arabian ponies erupts out of a crevasse. Three guards ride in front, with The Pleiadean riding in the center, and three riding in the rear guard. DAMIEN, EZRA, AND NAIA open fire. NAIA hits the rear left guard, while DAMIEN hits the front left and Ezra hits the front center guard's horse, which rears up violently, gushing a spout of blood from its chest. The center rear guard lets fly an arrow that strikes NAIA squarely in the jugular. EZRA and DAMIEN flee through the study door. And, suddenly, between the people, we see a new world open up, a native Hawaiian forest of hapu`u ferns and Koa, with dappled light shining down on the soft terms and moss carpeting the forest floor. MAKUA is there, wearing a traditional kihei and malo. He is holding a bowl of light, reverently. MAKUA is a husky, tall kupuna, with a gentle face and long, white beard that has a soft gray stripe in the middle.

THE PLEIADEAN: She is of your kin?

MAKUA: Yes. I’m sorry for the grief she has caused you.

THE PLEIADEAN: I am sorry that she came into contact with the Wetiko, through me.

MAKUA is smiling, with tears in his eyes.

MAKUA: My dear, it was not because of you. She met carriers of WETIKO, long ago, before you ever knew her. Her parents just did not have a name for it. Unborn children, who wish to be born into a brighter world on Earth, are on your side.

MAKUA’s two attendants take the body reverently on a cot made of woven mat, and carry it away.

THE PLEIADEAN’s remaining guard are standing patiently by, holding the fallen guard’s horse. They have thrown him across the saddle. THE PLEIADEAN is still standing in the study with NEO and FATHER JONES.

THE PLEIADEAN: Neo, I have come to parley.

NEO: About what?

THE PLEIADEAN: The agents, from your land. They are helping us protect our children.

We see the first spark of interest in life emerge from NEO. He fears the side of himself that consented to merge with the agents. Now he sees a glimmer of hope, that all of this pain could be for a purpose.

FATHER JONES is reclining in his padded leather chair, picking a stray piece of tobacco from his tongue. NEO turns to him.

NEO: Do you know these people?

FATHER JONES: Yes…rather well, actually. They’re part of a council of nomadic tribes from around the globe.

NEO: Should I go with them?

FATHER JONES: I would jump at the chance.

NEO does not jump at all. He turns his head as he addresses THE PLEIADEAN

NEO: All right then.

One of the guards has moved his brethren’s body to his own horse, so NEO can ride. He is riding beside WHITE PUMA, the left rear guard.

CUT TO: WHITE PUMA is making a fire in his tent, to warm up food for himself and NEO after their ride.

WHITE PUMA: You smell bad.

NEO: So do you.

WHITE PUMA: The Pleiadean has placed you under her protection.

NEO: Who is she?

WHITE PUMA: She is a Tulku, a reincarnated being. Her kind have been reincarnating on Earth for 35,000 years. She has returned many times to study and learn, in order to heal the rift that was made in the world when Ezra Iscariot sacrificed her infant daughter to his evil god in Atlantis.

NEO: Atlantis is a myth.

WHITE PUMA: Many of the old stories hold grains of truth. In this case, not just grains, more like boulders. We play the cosmic game across dimensions, across time and galaxies. There are those who disavow evil, and those who don’t. The Pleiadeans honor the free will of the human race, for it is they who imbued us with that property in the time when we were only animals and slaves. It is a precious legacy.

NEO: So, why was Iscariot after me?

WP: It seems, he believes that you play a role in a prophecy concerting the Pleiadean. It is said, that when her healing work is done, the Earth will return to balance, and she will have a child.

NEO: And I’m supposed to be the father?

WP is silent, staring at the fire.

NEO: Who do you think?

WP: I think that no one is worthy of her. But maybe that is only because, I am not.

NEO: One can never presume.

WP: Our people consider peace to be preferable to war. That’s what I will never understand about your world.

NEO: But, you fought Iscariot.

WP: It hasn’t always been this way. Once, my people knew how to live in peace with each other, and with the land. We had peace with the other tribes, and with new people that we met.

NEO: What about Father Jones?

WP: He does not have the disease, that Iscariot has. Father Jones, he shares the view of my people, that we can be healed. We do not seek revenge, we seek healing. Father Jones and I were both robbed, raped, and tortured by Ezra Iscariot. His followers tormented our children and grandchildren.

NEO: But, how is that possible?

WP: The cosmic ōllamaliztli game has been going on since the first colonizer came from Europe, and we tried to understand how to survive in harmony with your people. Our messengers came from the Arawak that men with big ships and deadly, shining knives were killing everyone, cutting the pregnant women in half.

NEO: That happened at My Lai.

WP: What is that?

NEO: It was in a war my country participated in. We were wrong.

WP: HMPH. Wars are wrong.

At that moment, a uniformed guard opens the flap of the onion dome tent that they are in.

GUARD: You are called to parley.

Walking over to THE PLEIADEAN’S tent, they pass through a nomadic village with yurts and decorated ponies. WP can sense that NEO is uncomfortable and tries to ease the tension.

WP: Hey, Neo. What happened to the peanut?

NEO: What?

WP: It was a salted.

WP opens the flap of the main tent and NEO bends to enter before him.

THE PLEIADEAN is seated in council with her generals, some of whom are women. Her face is like a waxing moon. Her eyebrows are sharp across her fierce face, but her eyes are laughing and crystalline. She seems to be finding WHITE PUMA’s joke very funny, for her eyes sparkle with compassionate mirth.

THE PLEIADEAN: Neo, welcome. Please make yourself comfortable.

NEO: Thank you. What is your name?

THE PLEIADEAN: My given names are too difficult for you to learn. You can call me, Bliss. I have called you here because the Earth based people, wish you to understand that the agents you once fought, now help us to keep their children safe. The machines, are trying to help us because a dark organization was sequestering them.

BLISS is inspecting him.

BLISS: But, I do notice you have not been fighting them for a long time. What is your trouble?

NEO: I lost the woman I loved.

NEO is disconcerted to find that BLISS is laughing. Rocking backwards and forwards in fact, she falls over on her cushions.

BLISS: Romance is a form of materialism.

NEO: She was my best friend.

BLISS: I feel compassion for you. Maybe you will see her again.

NEO: I –

He stops short. He is confused.

NEO: How is that possible?

BLISS: You will see. Goodbye, until we meet again, Neo.

Guards gesture for NEO to leave the tent, and he complies.

CUT TO montage

NEO has returned to his drift through the Matrix. We only begin to feel concerned, when we notice his journey repeat, like a track set to loop, and in the moment between the end of the track, and the beginning, we realize that he hasn’t even noticed. NEO is standing by the guard posts at the Altona bus station, when a pearly white Tesla roadster pulls up. ZANDER, a tall, African American man, rolls down the drivers side window.

ZANDER: Hi, Neo.

NEO: What are you doing here?

ZANDER: As the saying goes, no time to explain. Get in the car.

NEO gets in the passenger side and ZANDER drives away.

ZANDER: So I hear you crossed paths with an acquaintance of mine.

NEO: Ezra Iscariot.

ZANDER: That’s right.

NEO: Where are we going?

ZANDER: To see the Elohim.

CUT TO: a grassy knoll, with a glorious sunset behind. On the crest of the hill, a graceful ornamental tree casts a silhouette against the brilliant rose and violet light. ZANDER and NEO walk up to the knoll and stand there.

NEO: Where are they.

ZANDER: Oh, they’ll be here in a minute.

NEO: Thanks for bringing me to them.

ZANDER: That’s what friends are for. 444, you know?

NEO: Yeah.

As he speaks, a beautiful golden glow radiates forth, and the five Elohim step forward. Dressed in traditional Hebrew garb, they are every color of Israelite. Their beautiful wings seem to radiate light. Uriel steps forward.

URIEL: I urge you to hurry

RAPHAEL: Yet, you must carefully complete each stage of learning, in preparation for the next.

RAGUEL: Stay humble!

MICHAEL: Stay vigilant!

ARIEL: Stay joyful!

NEO is stunned, falling to his knees with tears running from his face as he is engulfed by their light. ZANDER looks on protectively.

RAPHAEL: The healing of the nations is at hand.

RAGUEL: You are but an instrument of the sacred healing that is being wrought up on this planet.

NEO: What is it I’m meant to do?

MICHAEL: The Pleiadean!

URIEL: You are meant to protect her.

ARIEL: Enjoy her!

RAPHAEL: Love her.

MICHAEL: Most of all, stay true to her. You know what that means, don’t you?

Tears are flowing down Neo’s cheeks.

NEO: Sacrifice.


ARIEL: The sacrifice of your own selfish whims, will bring you greater joy than you’ve ever known.

NEO: Is that so?

RAPHAEL: Yes, dear one.

RAPHAEL’s voice is so gentle, so soft, that Neo dissolves once again into tears. Just as quickly as it came, the vision dissolves. ZANDER puts his hand on NEO’s shoulder.

ZANDER: Are you OK?

NEO: Yeah.

ZANDER: Let’s go.

ZANDER offers a hand to NEO and helps him up. Together they walk away.

CUT TO: Ext. of Father Jones’ parsonage, day time. It is a brisk, sunny autumn day, and cheerful clouds are scudding across the sky. NEO knocks. The door swings open, and we see Father Jones, holding the doorknob. He stares for a long moment.

FATHER JONES: Come on in.

CUT TO: Int. The study.

NEO: So, why couldn’t I use my abilities there?

FATHER JONES: They’ve realized non duality.

NEO: What does that mean?

FATHER JONES: They realize that what we do to another, we do to ourselves. The Golden Rule.

NEO: I thought that was just a nice saying.

FATHER JONES: As it turns out, a great deal of nice sayings turn out to be rather consequential, in the real world. Some of it is even being proven as scientific fact.

NEO: They told me of a prophecy that I would father a child with the Pleiadean. Do you believe in it?

FATHER JONES: I don’t know if I do, and I don’t know if I don’t. Never heard of it before.

NEO: Don’t I get to choose?

FATHER JONES: Of course you do. It’s BOTH, of course. Neo, don’t you feel something powerful, driving you toward her?

NEO is silent. He stares out the window.


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