Matrix 4 continued.


THE COUNCIL OF ISCARIOT meets via virtual reality. Each of them appears on a flat screen, arranged in a circle of nine, in a virtual darkened room. ENTEREM, ALPHA GREY, ZWILLING, COMPROMISE, CRUTCH, BEATRIX, GATOR, and RAZORBACK join EZRA in the room.

ALPHA GREY: The prophecy is in motion.

GATOR: This is the end of us.

There is a short pause.

RAZORBACK: There is still an opportunity.

BEATRIX: To ruin him.

EZRA: That should be easy enough.

CUT TO: Exterior of a warehouse. NEO knocks. The peep hole slides open, and slams shut again. The door opens, and NEO steps quickly inside. He descends a short flight of metal stairs, and he is in a club. The beat is thumping and he lurks at the back of the room as lights flash in his face. He’s suddenly having a flashback about TRINITY, meeting TRINITY in the club, years back. He turns away from the light, passing his hand above his eyes. Suddenly, TRINITY is standing before him, looking wiser and softer than he remembers.

NEO: Trinity.

TRINITY smiles.

TRINITY: Hello again.

NEO rushes to embrace her.

NEO: Trinity.

He grips her shoulders, looking her squarely in the eyes: is this a dream? Trinity laughs and speaks directly to his thoughts.

TRINITY: What is real?

NEO: But, how did you come back?

TRINITY slides her hand seductively down NEO’s chest.

TRINTY: That’s a long story.

They kiss passionately.

CUT TO: The next morning, interior of NEO’s apartment. He rolls over and TRINITY is in the bed next to him. She smiles.

TRINITY: Hey there.

NEO: I’m so glad you made it.

They kiss.

NEO: Tell me what happened.

TRINITY laughs.

TRINITY: What does it matter?

She rolls on top and straddles him, looking down at his head on the pillow. NEO hesitates.

NEO: I’ve run into someone who’s been…a problem.

TRINITY: For you?

NEO: Is that a surprise?

TRINITY: I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.

NEO rolls her off and they lie on the pillows, looking at each other in the eye.

NEO: This isn’t like you.

TRINITY: What do you mean?

NEO: This…man. Ezra Iscariot. Do you know him?


NEO sighs and relaxes. He pulls TRINITY towards him.

NEO: Good.

A thought occurs to him.

NEO: We need to go to Zion.

TRINITY smiles warmly into his face. She puts one hand gently on his left cheek.

TRINITY: Sure. There’s just something I want to show you, first.


A kaleidoscope of indigenous peoples are holding psychic council in what seems to be the interior of an enormous, multifaceted gem. As the Aztec, Waorani, Maori, Sami, Inuit, Shuar, Celtic, Bulgarian, Touareg, and Kalali dance across the inside of the kaleidoscope in a beautiful, spiral motion, we see BLISS dancing in the center of the icosahedral form. The tribes are celebrating, singing and dancing in unity.


FATHER JONES and ZANDER, sitting in the study. The both of them staring at some point, seemingly ahead of them in space.


Exterior, riverfront. TRINITY is running down some green metal stairs. She is laughing, and NEO is laughing with her, crashing into her and spinning her around for a kiss. There is a green metal door behind her. She opens it and she and NEO disappear inside.


Interior. A strange space. Flesh colored, silicone-coated, a circular vanity with twenty facets arises in the center of a circular public bathroom, such as one would find at the Y. Flesh colored tile underfoot is exactly the same color as the stools in front of the vanity mirrors. Every surface smooth and resilient, like flesh. Showers are on the left, toilets on the opposite side of the room, and changing rooms on the right. Suddenly, women are pouring out of the changing rooms and begin to shower and primp before the mirrors. Some of them are clearly drag queens or trans women. We hear a flush toilet and running water. Then, one by one, they notice NEO staring at them. Pixels begin to spiral around him as he crumbles, dizzy, to his knees.

NEO: Trinity?



Exterior. The hill of the Elohim. ZANDER stands to the side as the ELOHIM address THE PLEIADEAN and her phalanx.

MICHAEL: They have trapped him in a Moebius loop.

BLISS: Which one?

RAGUEL: It is a shame loop. He has to overcome shame, if he is to exit.

BLISS: May he overcome shame.

URIEL: It is done.

RAPHAEL: Yet, I sense he has other healing to do.

BLISS: Healing trust. He must forgive. Especially, to forgive himself.

ARIEL: Can he do it?

MICHAEL: With our help.

BLISS: Where is he now?


NEO is alone in the circular bathroom, which is strewn with used towels and other detritus, that has been scattered about.


BLISS lets out a little cry of pain. She grips her chest.



NEO exits the double swinging doors on the other side of the bathroom, than where he came in. There is a semicircular staircase leading up to a mezzanine. EZRA ISCARIOT stands on the top of the mezzanine, cutting a sharp and impressive figure. In his hand he holds a gun.

EZRA: I see you found the facilities.

NEO: What is this about?

EZRA: I have followed this soul through eternity, with the intention to possess her, to submit her will to mine. Now, as she comes within reach, I wonder.

NEO: I’m not standing in your way.

EZRA: Oh, but you are.

NEO: I don’t understand.

EZRA: Why does hurting you, cause me pain? Aeons of practice, self discipline. Sacrifice! And yet hurting you still causes me pain. When will I achieve the experience of absolute freedom?

NEO: Possibly never.

EZRA: No. That’s impossible. I can create anything I want.

NEO: We are but co-creators of our own reality.

THE COUNCIL OF ISCARIOT appear on the mezzanine, stepping forward.

BEATRIX: Doubtsssss.

EZRA: Yes. Doubts.

ALPHA GREY: The prophecy foretold that she is to be our leader.

CRUTCH: Yet, she is the opposite of everything we believe in!

ZWILLING: This throws everything into question.

EZRA: Does it?

They hear footsteps and turn to see that NEO is gone.


THE COUNCIL OF ZION. NEO stands before them, answering questions. Zander is at the front of the crowd, watching.

COUNCILMEMBER 1: You are sure that it was Trinity?

NEO: I can’t be exactly sure, council member. But, it makes no sense , how she led me astray. I’ve never known her to do that before.

COUNCILMEMBER 2: What if it wasn’t intentional.

NEO: I have no way of knowing. She disappeared.

COUNCILMEMBER 1 puts his head in his hand. There is whispering. COUNCILMEMBER 3 receives a sheaf of papers from a page, who whispers urgently in his ear.

COUNCILMEMBER 3: To me it seems evident that what you experienced was a program. Probably created by Ezra Iscariot.

NEO: Councilmember, regarding these tribal people who I met, I was told that my abilities did not take effect in their world because they have mastered non duality. How does that work?

COUNCILMEMBER 3: I don’t fully understand it myself. What I know, is that they have somehow reconciled with the machine world, and as you say, it protects them and even helps their children to grow up safe and healthy.

NEO: Why does it have war with us, and not with them?

COUNCILMEMBER 3: That is what we must find out. Neo, you must find these nomads again, and learn more about how they have tamed the machines.

NEO: And Trinity?

COUNCILMEMBER 3: Beware, Neo. Someone has created a program that takes advantage of your deepest emotions. You are in grave danger.

NEO: I’ll be careful.


BLISS is retracing NEO’s path. She anther guards return to each empty consumer temple, bewildered to find each one empty, and looking extremely out of place with her nomad guard. Finally, she and her guard end up in FATHER JONES’ study. There is some mild comic relief as they settle in awkwardly to take tea, one or two of them unrolling their packs and lying down to rest as if the study were an encampment.


THE COUNCIL OF ISCARIOT. Each member now has a group of supporters gathered behind them.

GATOR: We must mobilize. I know that she’s trying to find him.

COMPROMISE: And, if they meet…

ENTEREM: All our plans will be in vain.

EZRA is silent, downcast.

RAZORBACK: Is there no response from the leader of the council?

EZRA blinks his eyes and looks up.

EZRA: Mobilize our programs among the machines to provoke an attack on Zion. The Trinity program will soon take care of Neo.


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