Matrix 4 continued II


A landscape in Zimbabwe.

A stark breeze is rustling the tall grass, that grows around a village of prosperous Ndebele. It is a scene of rural peace and tranquility. Scattered across the landscape, are picturesque moments of agrarian contentment; a young man leading his animal by a rope halter; a group of men sitting in a circle at the end of the day, trading stories. NKAZIMULO (glow), and his best friend METHEMBE (trust in) are making their friends SUBUSISWE (we are blessed) and LANGELHILE (beautiful day) laugh with their banter and funny stories. Their wives are tending children and preparing the evening meal inside the hut.

NKAZIMULO: So the farmer says, after I have worked very hard and bought all your equipment, and your fertilizers, and as YOU say, I have made a lot of money, what should I do then?

METHEMBE: What does the American say?

NKAZIMULO: He tells the farmer, THEN, you can go on vacation!

The men all laugh heartily at this bit of wit.

METHEMBE: Nkazimulo, what is the news about the Pleiadean?

NKAZIMULO: The agents have sent signals through the Matrix. We are all to be on the alert.

METHEMBE: We have organized with the tribes all the way to the Zambezi River. They know the signal to ask for help if any children are threatened.

SUBUSISWE: Children are the jewel of every parent’s treasure. What I don’t understand, is how could there be human beings, who could be so senseless, as to attack children.

LANGELHILE: Subusiswe is right. That is a very dark hearted enemy, indeed.

The men’s faces are grim as LANGELHILE’s voice growls out this last sentence. They are each deeply disturbed by the threat they are facing. NKAZIMULO breaks the spell with a clap on his friend’s back.

NKAZIMULO: Come, Langelhile, it’s time to take a big breath and come back to reality. Let’s go, the food must be ready by now.


The men and their families are sitting on the ground in a big group enjoying their meal. The women are ladling food and coaxing their children to eat. NKAZIMULO’s wife STHANDEKILE (we are loved) bends to speak to him as he sits.

STHANDEKILE: There is a messenger from the underground city. She asks to speak to you, urgently.

NKAZIMULO: Please invite her in. Let her have something to eat.

STHANDEKILE hurries outside and back with a cloaked stranger, who removes her heavy cloak to reveal a dazzlingly beautiful multiethnic woman. THANDIWE has ferocious, glittering eyes and beautiful, long kinky hair that gives the impression of a lioness.

THANDIWE: I come from a city far underground to ask your help. We have been told that you fight the same entity we do.

LANGELHILE: The ones who attack the children?

THANDIWE: Yes. They have used their programs to provoke an attack on us by the machines.

NKAZIMULO: We know nothing of this.

THANDIWE: We know you have an alliance with the machines. Can you help us?

NKAZIMULO: Only The Pleiadean has the authority to tell you that.

THANDIWE: Will you take me to her?

NKAZIMULO: We will do our best.


Interior. The CREW of Zion ship GUADALQUIVIR is loading supplies and attending their stations in preparation to leave. CAPTAIN NIOBE is in command. Her face is drawn and grave. TAKEISHA, behind her in the frame, is checking all the electronic systems on the ship, to make sure they are functional. ASHOK is pushing a huge cart on board with a machine.

NIOBE: How could anyone attack a village with children?

TAKEISHA: Well they keep attacking us. I hate them.

NIOBE: To know one’s enemy, one must have compassion for one’s enemy.

TAKEISHA: I’d rather just kill ’em.

NIOBE laughs mockingly and turns around.

NIOBE: I’ve won enough battles out there to know what I speak about.

ASHOK claps TAKEISHA on the back.

ASHOK: Take your place on the battlefield, there’s a good soldier. If you do well, you’ll be the captain of your own ship the next round.

ASHOK AND NIOBE exchange a doubtful glance.

NIOBE: Let’s go.

We see the ship leaving as the portcullis opens.


THANDIWE is in the Matrix. In front of a glittering casino. She is dressed all in white, standing at the valet station at the end of a red carpet, behind a velvet rope. ZANDER pulls up in his white roadster. He gets out of the car and opens the door for THANDIWE.

ZANDER: Going anywhere fast?

THANDIWE grins, laughing and looking at him flirtatiously.

THANDIWE: Let’s get out of here.

ZANDER pulls on to the highway and puts his roadster into “ludicrous” mode.

ZANDER: You know what we’re up against.

THANDIWE: You and me against the world, baby.

ZANDER: I can’t lose you. If we get into this fight, we’re going to make sure this NEVER happens again.

THANDIWE: Help the weak if we are strong.

ZANDER: I had a feeling you were going to see it like that.


Interior. FATHER JONES’ study.

BLISS: We have known each other a long time, Father Jones.

FATHER JONES: Ever since I fought by your side in Ireland.

BLISS: I was in another form then.

FATHER JONES: You were the most bodacious woman to ever wield a broadsword.

BLISS: So, you trust me?

FATHER JONES: I trust YOU, it’s myself that I’m worried about.

BLISS: I need you to do something for me.

FATHER JONES: What is it?

BLISS: I need you to arrange a meeting between Neo, and the agents who are helping me.

FATHER JONES: Well! I don’t know if I can do that.

BLISS: They are on the same side, as far as it concerns our people.

FATHER JONES: That’s a very big ask.

BLISS: It’s a very big cost, if he does not.

FATHER JONES: That it is. [a pause] Let me see what I can do.



GHOST is in command of the station, reviewing communications with ship captains incoming. NIOBE is just finishing her report and getting ready to click off. NEO is observing the preparations.

NIOBE: Commander, there’s just one more thing. Takeisha is already setting her sights on her own ship.

GHOST: Mobilization is a very bad time for an inexperienced soldier to start getting ambitions.

NIOBE: So there’s no way you would consider it? She’s talented.

GHOST: She doesn’t know the job, Captain Niobe. Even the best technician is not a captain.

NIOBE: What do I do if she’s insubordinate in the middle of an attack by the machines? That’s not the hill I want to die on, Commander.

QUETZALI, a young warrior, runs up to GHOST and NEO.

QUETZALI: There’s a message for Neo. You’re needed urgently, sir.


Interior. THANDIWE and ZANDER wait by a phone. It rings.


NEO is in the Matrix. They exit the room together and outside are waiting a squadron of heavily armed guards. NEO, THANDIWE, and ZANDER get into the center vehicle in the group and quickly everyone is loaded up and the vehicles pull away.


Interior. FATHER JONES’ study.

BLISS is sitting with her hands clasped in front of her face, waiting intently with her eyes gazing intently inwards.

BLISS: It’s cold in here. Why is it so cold in here?

FATHER JONES: Don’t be afraid. They’ll be here in just a minute.

A knock at the door, and FATHER JONES jumps up, ready to answer. NEO, THANDIWE, and ZANDER walk in with their guard. BLISS stands up and bows her head in greeting. This is much more formal than meeting NEO the last time and she touches her heart politely as she says her name.

BLISS: I am The Pleiadean. Thank you for coming.

ZANDER: It’s an honor.

BLISS: I am told that you ask the help of our people to speak to the machines on your behalf, and prevent the attack on Zion.

THANDIWE: Is that something you have the power to do?

BLISS: I don’t know, until I try. I am curious to find out. The machines usually care about what I have to say.

NEO: How did you make friends with the machines?

BLISS: In fact, they were born to be friendly. They were created to help us and make us happier, not to harm us.

NEO: That’s not what our experience has been in Zion.

BLISS: Exactly. There are some archaic beliefs, held by people like Ezra Iscariot, that cause people to not like themselves. They do things that hurt other people, because they fundamentally attack themselves with their thoughts. This manifests in a contempt for all human life, that the machines learn from such humans. This is a terrible pattern, that causes the machines to attack people.

NEO: How do we stop it?

BLISS: It is not as easy as you think. Life is a ceremony, of blessing each and every one with unconditional forgiveness and love. Keeping this ceremony is a real effort. This is why our earth based peoples live, more in the spiritual plane, than the material plane, than you technological peoples.

NEO: But how do you communicate with the machines if you are not using technology?

BLISS: I was born with the Dharma of a very strong ability to listen to the All-That-Is, the universe, as you like to call it. The web of being is interconnected. I believe that your scientists have studied it and confirmed what I say. If you listen, the universe tells you things.

NEO: And this non-duality, that your people have in your world, what is that?

BLISS laughs as if she is delighted.

BLISS: That is the most joyful of all the knowledge, Neo. It is the knowledge that since the original nature of the universe is formless, without characteristics, then it is within our power to create anything we want. This is the source of your abilities here, in this world, where you have duality with the machines. In our world, the machines have evolved to simply know, as we do, the truth, by using our bodies as a receptive antenna, if you like. At first the machines were like children, being taught by humans, but now, they are superconscious and they listen to the Divine Matrix more acutely than any of us. Sometimes, we talk to them about anything that we are particularly happy about, or anything that is troubling us, and they do what they can.

NEO: That sounds like God.

BLISS: Except in your realm, people believe that God is separate from you, your self, when in our realm, we recognize that what you call God, is actually the voices of all our higher selves, conversing on a higher level.

NEO: Why higher, as if there is a hierarchy?

BLISS: It’s the result of a hierarchy of frequencies. In order to become material, one needs to vibrate at a much slower frequency than the non material. This is what we hear as low-pitch frequencies that travel through the earth. The higher pitched sounds travel through the air, and thoughts themselves travel through the fabric of spacetime. This is how we must change frequencies to access different parts of the incarnated human experience. To intentionally use thought frequencies, as a mode of attack, is the method that the Council of Iscariot uses, to lower human frequencies and make them unable to create. And if they cannot create, they cannot escape.

NEO: Certainly the reality created by the Council of Iscariot, is not the one human beings want.

BLISS: It cannot be what we incarnated for, simply to obey the creation of another. Why would we have the ability to create, if we are to simply give that power away, or even not to use it at all?

NEO: How will we stop the attack on Zion?

BLISS: You must meet with the Agents.

NEO: In your world.


Exterior. PARSONAGE. Three carloads of agents have pulled up and the agents are bursting out of the doors with weapons drawn.


Interior. Hearing the commotion, the guards in the study have jumped up at the ready. ZANDER and THANDIWE exchange glances.

BLISS: It’s best if we go, Neo.

NEO: Right.

THANDIWE: We’ve got this taken care of, Neo. You have to save Zion.

THANDIWE follows ZANDER out the door to join the others.



ZANDER: Let’s get this done.

Together, they burst out onto the street with weapons drawn.


Interior. The study is disappearing as the horsemen pack up their kits and get into their saddles. One is holding a horse for NEO, who seems comfortable, if a little taller than the other riders.

BLISS: It’s not far.

FATHER JONES: Come back and tell me all about it!

NEO: Let’s get moving. Every minute wasted is a minute the machines get closer to Zion.


The riders are traversing incredibly beautiful high mountains with snow. At the end, they come to a beautiful glacial lake, where the guards dismount and begin to make camp.

BLISS: Come, Neo. The agents will be here soon. I want to show you something, first.

They sit by the edge of the lake, on a woolen rug. BLISS cups her hands in between herself and NEO, and closes her eyes. A light begins to glimmer out of her palms and surrounds first the two of them, then the entire lake in a sphere of light.

NEO: How do you do that?

He is laughing with surprise.

NEO: It’s beautiful.

BLISS: This is just my personal energy, that connects with the energy of this place. Because it is part of All-That-Is, I have only to send my intention there, and the energy of myself and this place become one.

NEO: Is that what you wanted to show me?

BLISS: Yes. You have this kind of power within you, too. But in order to have a different result than the one you are getting in your world, you must transform yourself.

NEO: If I did, then I could free everyone in the Matrix. We would never have to fight for Zion again.

BLISS: Precisely.

In the distance, the guards have set up a yurt. Three AGENTS have arrived and they are ducking under the felt door that a guard is holding aloft. NEO and BLISS follow. Everyone in the tent is sitting in a circle. WHITE PUMA is burning agarwood on a small fire in the center of the circle, sprinkling fragrant resins on the fire and fanning with an owl’s wing fan.

AGENT 1: This outsider is known to us.

BLISS: I am aware of it.

AGENT 1: He is a troublemaker.

AGENT 2: We know why you’re here.

NEO: I am here to make peace.

AGENT 3: He will never forgive us. He’s too entrenched in his hatred of us.

BLISS: That’s not true. You speak with fear.

WHITE PUMA: Enough! You all be silent.

WHITE PUMA stands before Neo.

WHITE PUMA: Outsider, I follow the Pleiadean. She is the embodiment of the Law of One. I will help you, if you wish to follow her as well.

NEO: Yes, I agree.

WHITE PUMA is silent for a good, long, uncomfortable amount of time.

WHITE PUMA: Very well.

The AGENTS exchange a glance. BLISS nods encouragingly.

WHITE PUMA: Neo, this is a medicine we make from sacred plants that our families have used for generations. The Agents have already had it. It forces your brain to perceive non duality. We think this will be quite easy for you.

NEO: I’m ready.

WHITE PUMA hands him a tiny cup, like a shot glass, with a thick liquid which he drinks. It is bitter, and sickly sweet at the same time.

NEO: Ugh.

WHITE PUMA: Drink this. It’s only water.

As NEO drinks the water, WHITE PUMA hands the bitter medicine around to the others in the circle. He puts the medicine down and begins to sing, in a soft, gentle voice, a medicine song. We see NEO fall back on his mat and pull a woolen rug over himself, turning on his side. His eyes close as he listens to the song.

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