Matrix 4 finale Malian’s version (Happily Ever After)

Bliss and Ezra are looking at a perfectly smooth silver mirror surface that reflects a surrealistic landscape. Beauty and idyll surround them. People emerge from the forest with fruit, nuts, and game they have harvested and we see a panorama of them crossing a flower filled meadow on their way into an eco village. We see technological installations in the village, free energy receivers and transmitters, or satellite signal receivers and transmitters. They are reminiscent of our technology, however, they are more light and transparent.

The buildings are examples of various eco and sustainable building techniques, all creative, comfortable, and functional.

BLISS: Look at them.

A small boy is tugging a doll out of his little sister’s hands. Their mother is sorting fruits nearby. She looks up at the children, taps her son on the leg with a twig, gently, and he begins to cry. He drops the doll and sobs. His mother opens her arms and he throws himself into her arms to be comforted.

BLISS: Do you see how gently she invokes his conscience?

EZRA: You would exchange all the accomplishments of my civilization for this? A mother who chastises her son gently?

BLISS: Fortunately, we don’t have to. We are inventing a new way of being that contains both.

EZRA is flushed with both excitement and shame, inspiration and penitence simultaneously. He passes his hand over his eyes.

EZRA: How much he loves her! He is watching the little boy sitting in his mother’s lap, the boy is patting his mother’s cheeks. She speaks a few words to him, and he gets up and goes over to his sister who is playing with her doll. She flinches away instinctively, grabbing onto the doll, but all he does is apologize. His sister lets her guard down, and he puts his arms around her neck and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Their mother calls them and they both run over to her. She hands them each a piece of fruit, which they sit down to eat happily.

EZRA: I cannot justify, in light of this, the man who I have been. He is someone I never wanted to be – simply, someone I thought I had to be. If this is true…if existence is not just a vast wasteland of pain…

BLISS: This is the beginning of the end, for the man you used to be. It is the end of the beginning for the man you are becoming.

EZRA stares at her incredulously and gives an astonished laugh.

EZRA: Churchill?

BLISS smiles.

BLISS: Power, glory, and domination do not serve you as well as living your soul’s true purpose. That is a path of using your unique gifts in service to others. Paradoxically, it brings you even more power.

EZRA: The war is over.

BLISS: The battle is now within. A peaceful warrior conquers hate, pride, jealousy, and revenge, from within.

EZRA: How will that help?

BLISS: To live by our conscience, is the source of that state of beautiful, deep peace we all long for. We can always reconcile our grievances with others, as long as we ourselves are at peace.

EZRA: I have unlimited power, but I have never experienced that kind of peace.

EZRA and BLISS have reached the village, walking with the people and their baskets of food. A village woman gives him a piece of fruit from her basket and he is filled with emotion at the kindness he feels he doesn’t deserve. He bites into it.

EZRA: It’s delicious.

CUT TO: The Karal.

NEO, NKAZIMULO, and WHITE PUMA are on the battlefield as the villagers and Zion soldiers work together to clean the bodies and debris away. NEO squints into the horizon. Dust clouds are settling around the Karal. NKAZIMULO is observing him as WHITE PUMA approaches.

NEO: Where are they?

WHITE PUMA: They should be back by now.

An agent has run up to NKAZIMULO and is speaking rapidly. NKAZIMULO nods and the agent nods back, then runs back in the direction he came from.

NKAZIMULO: The council of the Ndbele has been called. Neo, you have been especially called for.

NEO and WHITE PUMA are following NKAZIMULO to the council with an honor guard of tough and heavily armed Zion warriors. NKAZIMULO pulls the flap of the council lodge aside and smiles at NEO.

NKAZIMULO: After you.

NEO ducks into the ten, and gazing squarely at him, flanked by the NDBELE COUNCIL on each side, is MORPHEUS. MORPHEUS is laughing, enjoying the surprise! NEO is overjoyed to see his friend.

NEO: Morpheus! My friend.

NEO grabs MORPHEUS by the shoulders.

NEO: I was at the council of Zion, and you weren’t there.

MORPHEUS: When I found out that these villagers were cooperating with the machines, I had to find out exactly what was going on. What I found out is that there is more – there is much, much more than we’ve seen so far.

MORPHEUS notices a shadow crossing NEO’s face.

MORPHEUS: What? What is it?

NEO: Morpheus…these people have a prophecy that involves me.

MORPHEUS: I know. What are you going to do about it?

NEO: She’s amazing. It’s just that we’re so different.

MORPHEUS: Love transcends identities, politics, or boundaries.

NEO: You’re talking about unity. Transcending duality. No more war. No more enemies. Peace. Even with the machines.

MORPHEUS: I no longer believe that we need to be the enemy of the machines, or the Agents. They are the ones who brought about the reunion between the people of Zion and the Africans.

NEO: That was Bliss. Morpheus, she’s a true hero.

MORPHEUS: Neo, losing Trinity was not your fault. There is nothin you could have done.

NEO: But, to reconcile with the machines means to forgive them for killing Trinity.

MORPHEUS takes a deep breath.

MORPHEUS: Neo, this is why Bliss is your personal medicine. To reconcile with the All-That-Is, is to be fully human. To reconcile is to open your heart and be able to love. And people who love are boundary breakers, risk takers and law makers. Neo, I would like to invite you to a ceremony.

NEO: What kind of ceremony?

A CEREMONIAL LODGE in the village. We hear traditional Bwiti Shamanic music from the Iboga ceremony. MORPHEUS has read and white paint on his face, and he is wearing the red and white cloths and shells of a Bwiti shaman. He offers a cup to NEO.


NEO takes the drink and gulps it down. He reclines onto the blankets on the floor that have been prepared for him. He closes his eyes, and we see MORPHEUS covering him gently with a blanket and tucking him in. MORPHEUS is standing guard, watching over NEO’s body as his spirit journeys.

NEO opens his eyes in the dream space of the Iboga. He is looking at a landscape of rolling hills and grasslands. NEO’S FATHER is coming towards him, wearing the uniform of an agent.

NEO: Dad.

We see a happy, contented family of a mother, father, and small children picnicking in a beautiful compound with a garden. The mother is BLISS. A baby in her lap, the mother is encouraging her children to eat their food. One of the boys runs into his father’s arms and we see that it is NEO. NEO lifts the boy into the air and both are laughing.


NEO: Son.

NEO and his son close their eyes and touch foreheads and noses, breathing deeply in a honi greeting. The vision begins to fade away and we see NEO awaken. He is indeed in a state of deep tranquility. MORPHEUS is still watching over him, thoughtfully.

MORPHEUS: You seem well.

NEO: Yes. Morpheus. I saw a vision.

MORPHEUS: What was it?

NEO: Everything is created by consciousness and love…to live in love means that a loving consciousness creates a loving universe.

MORPHEUS leans in, resting his chin on his hand, his finger over his mouth. He is wearing a small smile of pride.


NEO: When I am love, then everything I create will be love.

NEO has tears of joy running down his cheeks. He is laughing.

NEO: I protect my son with Bliss.

IN THE VILLAGE, children are chasing each other through the midst of everything, innocently laughing and screaming with happiness in their game. In the central grove of the village, Ezra is sampling various types of scrumptious fruits that the villagers bring him.

EZRA: Oh, thanks very much.

Laughing, a villager shows him how to eat an ice cream bean.

EZRA: Oh, mmm. Yes, that’s great.

BLISS, WHITE PUMA, and the VILLAGE LEADERS are watching him with amusement.

BLISS: EZRA, the village elders have decided to bestow upon you a special gift.

EZRA: Lovely. Where is it?

VILLAGE ELDER 1: We invite you to bathe in the sacred waters here, that reveal who you really are.

EZRA: Who I am?

VILLAGE ELDER 1: The purest form of your soul within.

VILLAGE ELDER 2: The reason you have done so much evil, is because you have been blind to the aspect of who you are, that is good. Our sacred waters will cleanse the darkness of ignorance from your eyes.

EZRA: Aha! I see. Yes!

NEO, MORPHEUS, and the ZION SOLDIERS are processing solemnly through a brightening landscape. Green grass and flowers gradually replace the desert. They come to a stream, and the soldiers set their packs down and look for water and fruit to pick. There is a glow of light, and they are surrounded by the presence of the ELOHIM.

MORPHEUS: Welcome, we are honored by your presence.

RAPHAEL: We have brought someone with us.

BLISS peeps her head out shyly from behind the ELOHIM and giggles.

NEO stares at her, transfixed. He takes a deep breath. She holds his eyes steadily.

When NEO and BLISS arrive at the village, there is a chorus of singers regaling them with a baroque fugue without words. The glory of the sound makes NEO shiver with a transcendental spiritual pleasure. He swallows again and we see him take a deep breath. While he is getting used to it, he sees that the children from all over the world are meeting each other. A group of Zion children, Africans and children from other tribes [Aztec, Waorani, Maori, Sami, Inuit, Shuar, Celts, Bulgarian, Touareg, Kalali] are teaching each other their games, songs and stories. The VILLAGE ELDERS greet MORPHEUS warmly.

RAPHAEL: There is a feast. We are all invited to the celebration. All the tribes have gathered, from all the worlds. Will you join?

NEO: That would be an honor.

BLISS meets NEO’s eyes.

BLISS: Yes, let’s!

The ZION SOLDIERS shoulder their packs again, and the company continue to proceed, following the ELOHIM. NEO walks at BLISS’ side, without saying a word. They look at each other from the corners of their eyes. Both of them swallow self consciously and look ahead with their heads slightly bowed, smiling.

VILLAGE ELDER 1: We’ve been busy while you were away. I think you’ll be interested to see the results!

THE SACRED WATERS. The VILLAGE ELDERS have brought NEO, MORPHEUS, BLISS, ZION SOLDIERS, and the ELOHIM to witness an astonishing sight. EZRA is sitting in the midst of a crowd of children. They have lined up and one by one, they drop flowers in his hands or place flower chains around his neck. We see there has been a profound change. A small child places a flower necklace around EZRA’s neck and gives him a babyish kiss on the cheek. EZRA looks up at the gathered adults and tears are cascading down his face. As EZRA looks up, we see what it is that has changed. EZRA has become a woman.

NEO: Ezra!

CHILD 1: Her name is not Ezra.

Child 2: Her name is Virginia.

VIRGINIA’s face is a mask of tears. She is smiling apologetically.

VIRGINIA: I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for everything I’ve done. Can you ever forgive me?

BLISS: Yes, of course. Your new transformation is very beautiful and pure.

THE ELOHIM move forward. Their flower necklaces are glowing with a beautiful light. RAPHAEL places a flower necklace glowing with white light around VIRGINIA’s neck. She is trembling, humbled by his gentleness. She sobs, and then laughs.

VILLAGE ELDER 1: Virginia, will you join us in the celebration?

VIRGINIA gets to her feet.


A BEAUTIFUL GROVE decorated with lights and crystals. The VILLAGERS have gathered in a circle. At the center of the circle are NEO and BLISS, they are dressed in similar flowing robes of silk, similar to Chinese gongfu clothes. Smiling happily into each others’ eyes with pleasure, NEO reaches out both hands to BLISS, who puts her hands in his. Protected by the five ELOHIM, MORPHEUS, VIRGINIA, AND WHITE PUMA stand nearby. A soft icaro is being sung in the background.

RAPHAEL: All are called to witness what these two have wrought.

ARIEL: Surrender.

URIEL: Forgiveness.

RAGUEL: Trust.

MICHAEL: Acceptance.

VILLAGE ELDER 1: Let this day be known from now on, as the Festival of the Light, so that the blessing of the light will eternally live on.


NEO pulls BLISS gently towards him and lifts her chin towards his face as he gently plants a kiss on her lips.

A wave of laughter, cheers and whoops rises from the crowd, and as the camera angle widens to a panorama, we see the village getting smaller and smaller. It is connected to other villages, through the technology we saw earlier, and the interconnectivity of the whole planet blooms with a ripple of energy as the happiness of NEO and BLISS carries out like a wave of light traveling outwards through the universe.



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