Money in the New Paradigm


We live in an age where money is not used to meet real physical needs.

Rather, money is used to meet emotional needs.

When something seems too painful, too difficult to tackle, or too confusing, looking at numbers seems to provide reassurance that at least something in the world is reliable and true.

Or does it?  Because so many people with unresolved pain and broken hearts, working through the money system, distorts it.

The ideal of the market is very different from the emotional, impulse driven decision making of people who live through money.

What we have forgotten is that the ancient healers had ways of healing broken hearts, setting us free from inner torment.  Many people still learn their ways today and use them to heal each other.

Traditional healers often worked via emotions, thoughts, and dreams; intangible experiences that we now know influence our body’s health and well being, and our choices through neurotransmitters.

Escaping from emotional chaos into money does not ever heal the wound that causes the chaos.  There are ways to heal that wound, but it has to be looked at, spoken of, and treated.  It cannot heal if it is ignored.

In the world where ignored wounds express themselves unconsciously through peoples’ decisions about money, the pain has free rein to unleash itself across the face of the earth.

It is better when we take time to care for ourselves enough, to experience emotional healing.  In order to do this, we must believe that we are worthy of healing.  We must be worthy of love, in our own imagination.  We must be worthy of health, joy, and balance.

We have to forgive ourselves for everything we have ever regretted in our lives and completely accept that forgiveness.  Then, our true healing can begin.

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I am a Farmer.


I’m a good farmer. I prepare my soil, I use organic and Korean Natural Farming methods. I add fertility from natural sources. I use beneficial insects, not bug spray.

The food I grow is delicious and aesthetically beautiful. It’s got texture and nutrition.

I deliver food to my customers with love. Today I handed off green beans prepared with love and gave the chef a kiss on the cheek.

Being a farmer teaches me about love. I love my land. I want to conserve its soil and prevent erosion. I want the soil to have healthy structure, and biology.

I love my plants. If they are rotting, or shriveled and dying, or being attacked by some bugs, it hurts me deep in my heart. When I see them thriving and producing bountiful and beautiful food, I am proud and yet humbled in the same moment by their gift.

Like a loving mother, these plants offer food from their bodies to nourish us. They connect to us, deep in our wiring. We evolved together and they know how to hook us in and interest us, without us realizing it.

In turn, we Farmers offer this gift of love and intimacy to people who are hungry. We couldn’t give them bad stuff or stuff that makes them sick. It’s better to throw something away then harm anyone.

Love is how farming works. You need love and compassion to be a good farmer. Farming makes you realize that Love is a navigational tool for all of life. Love is a self-ordering principle. It always leads you to the most effective, easiest way to do something, get somewhere in life or get what you truly want. All it takes is a little patience.

If you make your whole life about “by when” am I going to have what I want, you’ll never end up with it. That’s for sure. You have to love your way into it. Which means that you getting what you want will be good for everybody.

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Gratitude and The Sacred Feminine

Gratitude and The Sacred Feminine

Mother Earth is hurting
And everyone is searching
For that feminine energy
– India Arie

As we collectively heal our culture, we are conscious that to heal is to deepen our capacity to honor the sacred feminine.  One realization after the other, our appreciation for all the facets of the feminine unfold.  The Holy Mother Durga gives way to the Sacred Bitch Artemis of classical European mythology, and then to the Passionate Tutu Pele of Hawaii and all the faces of the Changing Woman of the Navajo mythology.

One facet of the feminine that is still not yet fully appreciated in our culture is our ability to receive.

It is sacred to be helped.
To be loved.
To be fed.
To be taught.

In the Vedic system, our left side is the feminine, receptive side.  Our right side is our masculine, active side.  Each of us has the power to give and receive.  Not only that, but our health and wellbeing depend upon a balance of forces.

In the trajectory of American history, it has been a part of our national story to take pride in our rugged individuality. Because European Aristocracy was such a toxic and abusive system, it really was necessary for independence from the prior system to become a prime value in our culture.

Moving from abusive dependence to a wholesome interdependence is a transition still in process.  

To truly move into balance, we must value our power to receive as much as we value our power to create and give.  The student who receives the teaching is just as necessary to a true transmission of insight as the teacher is.

We also need to recognize when someone taught us.  Maybe we were afraid and they consoled us.  Maybe we were wild and reckless and they tamed us.  Maybe we received their teaching in private, and don’t have to acknowledge them. Maybe we received their teaching through our own suffering, and we don’t want to acknowledge them.  True humility dictates that we acknowledge their contribution to our lives, anyway.

When we have been inspired by someone, we say thank you.  As the Tibetan Buddhists, teach, when someone says they made it on their own, you know that’s not true.  We’ve all had help since the day we were born and took food from our mother’s bodies.  The only honesty is to acknowledge all we have received, with gratitude.

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Love Anorexia


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Today I read about a study that shows that the less power people have, the more their psychology adjusts to see the way things are as positive.

It’s a coping mechanism designed to protect an animal that has no choice; a carryover from our earlier stages of evolution.

However, we have a choice now.

We have a choice to exert our more recently evolved decision making capacity on behalf of our survival as a species.  We need to guide our own minds, our mammalian instincts with all of the collective might of human efforts to be more conscious throughout history.

So, the particular mammalian instinct I’m talking about here – the one where we tend to view the way things are positively even when it’s going to get us hurt very badly – this one tends to show up in our experience as the fear that we are not worthy of love.

Will I still be loved if I step out in a new truth?  Will others feel hurt by me pointing out the error of our ways?  Will people attack me?  Most to the point – if they do, do I deserve it?

We have a powerful instinctual investment in preserving social bonds.  Our job is to gently and tenderly undo the bonds that are tied around things we need to change, and to carefully remake those bonds in a healthier, better pattern.

Ultimately, the answer to the question “am I worthy of love?” is always yes.

Even the worst person is still a human being who needs love.  In fact, those are always the people suffering from love anorexia, they are starving for love.  Unconditional love heals.  If we could love unconditionally while setting good boundaries and loving ourselves first, it would work miracles on our planet.

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The Beat is Love

Beat is Love cover

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When you think you’ve had enough
Keep on up the beat is love

Unicorns and rainbows here
Bend to whisper in your ear

In the voice of a seraph
Keep it up the beat is love

When the weight is coming down
Visualize your golden crown

Wings embrace you from above
Keep on up the beat is love

You don’t need to be afraid
Cause it is going to be OK

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Creation, Illusion and Consciousness

In this space, we assert that consciousness is primary to matter.  

That’s the fundamental correction that needs to happen at the heart of our materialistic civilization that believes everything has to be mechanical.

Our illusions are our possible futures…

The ancient Hindu concept of Maya paints a dingy picture of the illusions that our ego creates.  The earliest recorded rishis believed that we would be trapped in this false or mistaken reality for 485,000 years.

They did not see that our relationship to illusion could evolve.

What must be stated is that the future comes because we predict it.

As later philosophers realized this, they began to see the relationship between pure, altruistic soul and egocentric creation as a playful, beautiful dance that is always in balance.

When it seems out of balance, that is just a swing of the pendulum.  The other swing is always on its way.

Making illusion into reality requires people to get involved in the illusion, believe it is important, and begin to survive in it.

As we evolve, the illusion breaks down, becomes spare and crystallizes.  As we refine away the dross, reality becomes more infinitely complex and alive than we thought it would be.

If we can’t escape Maya, we have to have the courage to enjoy it.

Why not expand our capacity for pleasure.  Let’s create illusions that promote our contentment and joy.  Illusions that cause us to respect one another and ourselves.

Life is curious and precious and natural.  The Aurora Borealis or a nematode unfold beautifully in perfect acceptance of the conditions of their existence.  So do we.

When whales breach, it is breathtaking because they have the courage to live in joy even though life can be terrifying at times.

This is what makes the difference between life and death, and it is a choice that no one else can make for you.

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