Creation, Illusion and Consciousness

In this space, we assert that consciousness is primary to matter.  

That’s the fundamental correction that needs to happen at the heart of our materialistic civilization that believes everything has to be mechanical.

Our illusions are our possible futures…

The ancient Hindu concept of Maya paints a dingy picture of the illusions that our ego creates.  The earliest recorded rishis believed that we would be trapped in this false or mistaken reality for 485,000 years.

They did not see that our relationship to illusion could evolve.

What must be stated is that the future comes because we predict it.

As later philosophers realized this, they began to see the relationship between pure, altruistic soul and egocentric creation as a playful, beautiful dance that is always in balance.

When it seems out of balance, that is just a swing of the pendulum.  The other swing is always on its way.

Making illusion into reality requires people to get involved in the illusion, believe it is important, and begin to survive in it.

As we evolve, the illusion breaks down, becomes spare and crystallizes.  As we refine away the dross, reality becomes more infinitely complex and alive than we thought it would be.

If we can’t escape Maya, we have to have the courage to enjoy it.

Why not expand our capacity for pleasure.  Let’s create illusions that promote our contentment and joy.  Illusions that cause us to respect one another and ourselves.

Life is curious and precious and natural.  The Aurora Borealis or a nematode unfold beautifully in perfect acceptance of the conditions of their existence.  So do we.

When whales breach, it is breathtaking because they have the courage to live in joy even though life can be terrifying at times.

This is what makes the difference between life and death, and it is a choice that no one else can make for you.

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