Matrix 4 continued IV

NEO gets up and goes outside. The view is breathtaking.

WHITE PUMA and BLISS are talking to a hologram that seems to be projected in the sky above them. PULOWI and JUWA, a woman and man Colombian Wayuu, are receiving the latest update.

PULOWI: If what you say is true, we cannot allow Iscariot to divide Zion from the Agents and machines any longer. We must teach their machines, that we are all on the same side.

JUWA: We must do this quickly. I cannot see, what is the fastest way to heal this breach between the Machine World and Zion, but I know, that it must be done soon, before there is any loss of life.


Interior. The yurt. The AGENTS join NEO and BLISS around the fire, as WHITE PUMA hands around bowls of tsampa gruel.

AGENT 1: What the machines don’t understand about the people of Zion, is that they live underground, biologically speaking.


NEO and BLISS simultaneously look up, then at each other.

PULOWI AND JUWA, NKAZIMULO and STHANDEKILE, all notice a change in frequency in their own locations, and they exchange glances with each other.

Interior. THE COUNCIL OF ISCARIOT. The members are in an uproar, having sensed the change. The only one quiet is EZRA. He is looking down at his hands on his lap. He rubs the print of his third finger on the left hand, once against the thumbprint. And then he speaks.

EZRA: If he is speaking to her, it stands to reason that now we must, too.

RAZORBACK: She will not be willing.

COMPROMISE: She will be brought to a confrontation!

EZRA: If you don’t mind not shouting. [a pause] How is the machine attack on Zion proceeding?

ZWILLING: The machines are approaching Zion now.


Zion ships are gathering at the intersection of several tunnels.

Interior. NIOBE’s ship. The command deck. NIOBE is receiving instructions from GHOST.

GHOST: I will be in contact when we receive more information, Captain Niobe.

NIOBE: What consciousness is behind these machines? There must be more than we know.

ASHOK: I know that NEO probably has it all figured out.

NIOBE: If he did, why haven’t we solved it by now?

NIOBE smiles and ASHOK smiles back.

ASHOK: We’re just going to have to deal with the uncertainty, aren’t we?

NIOBE: Whatever’s about to happen, we have to be ready for it.

TAKEISHA: I don’t see what’s so hard about it, we’re fighting for our country, so we just fight. I don’t see why everyone’s afraid!

NIOBE: We’re afraid because we know what’s out there.


Interior. The yurt.

AGENT 1: Organisms that live underground, have a tendency to evolve into a different type of life form.

AGENT 2: We must do something differently, to bring human beings back to their natural habitat.

AGENT 3: They’re not gonna like it.

BLISS: Is that why they’re like insects, so skinny, and very nervous and afraid?

NEO: [laughing] that’s not why. The reason why, is that our culture must overcome fear.

BLISS: I think that they must come back to the earth, back to the planet itself, if we are to nourish their health properly, and their children’s. Children need the earth.

AGENT 1: Overcoming fear and going back to the earth are one and the same thing.

AGENT 3: The machines are already implementing it.


NIOBE’s ship. Interior.

TAKEISHA: They’re coming at us from a completely different direction than we anticipated.

ASHOK: This intersection accesses old tunnels leading to the surface.

NIOBE: is that where they’re coming from?

TAKEISHA: I believe so.


Exterior. The parsonage. ZANDER and THANDIWE are fighting through to their motorcade, with their armed guard. One Zion GUARD is downed by an AGENT’s bullet, another one slings him over her shoulder and starts moving him out, covered by another GUARD. ZANDER clashes with an AGENT who puts a Glock in his face at point-blank range, he smashes the AGENT’s arm with his AR-15 and lands another blow fast to the agent’s face. THANDIWE finishes him off with a knife in his ribs, he gasps his last as blood seeps out of his shirt and mouth. The DRIVER opens the door and drags the wounded GUARD in and the female GUARD follows.

DRIVER: Come on!

ZANDER and THANDIWE walk backwards towards the van, firing at the AGENTS until they’re right at the door of their vehicle, then they jump in and slam the door as the DRIVER peels out.

ZANDER: Where’s the exit?

DRIVER: Right around the corner.

DRIVER careens around the corner into an alley and they see the alley is already blocked by AGENTS shielding themselves behind three unmarked sedans.

DRIVER: Oh, shit!

DRIVER slams into reverse as the AGENTS open fire, smashing the windshield and blowing the passenger side mirror off. ZANDER and THANDIWE open fire, downing two AGENTS. They’re already speeding down the street, weaving through traffic. THANDIWE is on the phone.

THANDIWE: We need a new exit.

OPERATOR: Five blocks down. There’s a hotel with a coffee shop in the lobby. Go in the coffee shop service entrance and there’s a phone on the manager’s desk. Hurry up, it’s almost closing time.

ZANDER: What the fuck are they doing?

ZANDER is aiming backwards out the shattered rear window. The AGENTS are falling out, as if they’ve given up the chase.

DRIVER: It’s a trap.

ZANDER: Get us out of here, FAST.

TheThe SUV slows in front of the hotel with the coffee shop. They turn down the alley and get out, rushing into the service entrance. Pushing past uniformed employees and stacks of supplies, the open the MANAGER’s office door.

MANAGER: Hey, this space is for employees only!

THANDIWE picks up the phone and promptly disappears, followed by ZANDER and the DRIVER in short order.

DRIVER: Nice meeting you!

The DRIVER grins manically at the MANAGER before he’s suddenly gone.


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