EMPIRE by Malian lyrics

So many ways to be and do

We follow what we think is true

We fail, we learn, we grow, we change

Our natural rights remain the same.

So leave me my autonomy,

To choose what I want to be,

If I need to learn you need to teach

But maybe you could learn from me

(Chorus) Empire

Using all the ways and means to gain power

I wonder what it would be like

If we all did what’s right

And honor the light


Your impulse too consolidate

Is making life so second rate

When others’ voice you suffocate

We die when we cannot create

So get this monkey off my back

Consumerism it’s like crack

Manipulation is your tool

Assuming that we are all fools.


Your fragile ego wants to see

Other people like machines

Reduced to doing what you bid,

Only servants of your id.

I’m honoring my inner spark

I won’t leave others in the dark

The day will come, the tide will surge

A global culture will emerge

From every heart and every soul

There is no centralized control

We start when we respect ourselves

And then connect with someone else.


Be sincere, be sincere and love

Be sincere and love

This life so precious

Leaves me breathless


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