New Track produced by Liquid Love Drops!

Mastering by Audible Oddities

Music, arrangement and production by Liquid Love Drops

Liquid Love Drops – an exploration of hypnotic and enchanting sounds and entrancing patterns.

Liquid Love Drops has been entrancing booties across the bay and beyond, her vibrant personality, skills as a sound track selectress combined with a few of her ear worm bass heavy mixes and her high energy show that captures your attention and traps you on the dance floor.

As a professional sound selectress and dj, she has been recognized for her skills and chosen by other promoters to share the stage as an opening or closing act for acts such as Bassnectar, Glitch Mob, Beats Antique, Little Dragon, Thievery Corporation, Ooah, Edit, An-ten-nae, Marty Party, Joker, Kalya Scintilla, and Random Rab.

About Malian
I am a singer who writes her lyrics and melodies to the beat of her own heart’s drummer.  I am a second generation Peranakan Indonesian, and my ethnic group was the target of a genocide in Indonesia in 1965, the same year African Americans won the right to vote.  The powers that were had planned a genocide of my ethnic group in order to exploit our labor as a replacement for African American labor.
My grandfather was a witness to US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger visiting Suharto to plan the genocide, and the rumors that were spread about Peranakan taking advantage of the forest dwelling Indonesians.  In fact the Peranakan were targeted because many of them were Communist and wanted to share wealth with the indigenous. 
My mom emigrated to the USA, where she met my dad, an Irish and Scottish American drummer.  I was born in Kansas City, where the vibrant live music scene made it possible to meet incredible musicians like Taj Mahal or Iris DeMent as a teenager.  I saw James Brown get down and saw BB King playing Lucille at festivals in the park.  As a young person, I realized how powerful it was for African Americans to tell their story through music in the long road to  civil rights.  As a Peranakan, it gave me hope.  If slavery is wrong for African Americans, it is wrong for everyone!
The corporate imperialism that benefits from exploitation of labor in Indonesia is based on a materialist value system that says spirit doesn’t exist, feelings don’t matter, and money is the only god.  In defiance to that system, I use my music to encode the values of the New Paradigm where science shows us that spirituality is real, love is real, and both are needed for surviving and thriving.  How we treat people, matters.
Using music to tell the story of my journey is a personal way to stand for the rights of Indonesians to be seen and heard, and to heal as a nation.  I stand with all people all over the world who are struggling for human rights and civil rights.


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