All my favorite parties I’ve ever been to, chapter 1

There was light falling through the leaves of the trees.

Chairs around a card table outside, but no cards. We drank wine and beer.

Women cooked AND men cooked. It was a pot luck.

I glowed with happiness about the way the people were proud of the different kinds of food they cooked and gave to each other. Especially the people who cooked healthy food made me smile because I feel happy when I eat healthy food.

A visit to my friends after a wild summer showed them that they missed me. And the women were looking after each others’ feelings.

My friend was going through a lot and we sat down to have a heart to heart talk just like old times. What consoled me is that her partner was supporting her emotionally in the most profound way possible every step of the way.

My favorite moment was when another friend of mine who had learned how to eat with chopsticks put his chopsticks down and he said “yeah, China” because he could see that someone needed clarification of why they felt I was different or weird. I just felt glad he stood up for me.

His girlfriend was someone who I befriended, too. She was very smart about family politics. I thought it was nice that she and I visited and just chatted a bit in the kitchen.


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