Spiritual Power


Suspended in the dark emptiness of space

A conversation

With a mind.

Take this.

It is the last weapon that there is.

A light sword.

With it, you will become powerful.  This sword

Will show you all your fear,

Your weakness

Your vulnerability

Your cheap tricks

Your bad habits.

When you have made your peace with all of those,

You will finally

Be disciplined.


Is real power.


I am a Farmer.


I’m a good farmer. I prepare my soil, I use organic and Korean Natural Farming methods. I add fertility from natural sources. I use beneficial insects, not bug spray.

The food I grow is delicious and aesthetically beautiful. It’s got texture and nutrition.

I deliver food to my customers with love. Today I handed off green beans prepared with love and gave the chef a kiss on the cheek.

Being a farmer teaches me about love. I love my land. I want to conserve its soil and prevent erosion. I want the soil to have healthy structure, and biology.

I love my plants. If they are rotting, or shriveled and dying, or being attacked by some bugs, it hurts me deep in my heart. When I see them thriving and producing bountiful and beautiful food, I am proud and yet humbled in the same moment by their gift.

Like a loving mother, these plants offer food from their bodies to nourish us. They connect to us, deep in our wiring. We evolved together and they know how to hook us in and interest us, without us realizing it.

In turn, we Farmers offer this gift of love and intimacy to people who are hungry. We couldn’t give them bad stuff or stuff that makes them sick. It’s better to throw something away then harm anyone.

Love is how farming works. You need love and compassion to be a good farmer. Farming makes you realize that Love is a navigational tool for all of life. Love is a self-ordering principle. It always leads you to the most effective, easiest way to do something, get somewhere in life or get what you truly want. All it takes is a little patience.

If you make your whole life about “by when” am I going to have what I want, you’ll never end up with it. That’s for sure. You have to love your way into it. Which means that you getting what you want will be good for everybody.

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If you’ve got truth but no peace, then maybe you don’t have #thewholetruth.

Case in point: Muslims are not inherently violent. They have been polarized to violence because the US runs a lot of covert operations where they destroy democracy and violate national sovereignty while grabbing oil.

Sound familiar?

If you think about it, every time the racist, imperialist paradigm has taken action to grab resources, they demonize their opponent.

Think about the Spanish Inquisition, where people of earth based religions and Jews were tortured and killed, while the Queen ended up with their lands. Killing them was seen as God’s work.

The genocide of 100 million Native Americans in a land grab. They were demonized as “savages” who deserved to be killed off. Killing them was seen as a noble endeavor and a great destiny.

The genocidal enslavement of Africans to rob them of their lives and labor. Raping, brutalizing and murdering them was seen as beneficial and compassionate “civilization” of an inferior race.

Now Muslims are the demons, and we have a license to kill them and grab their oil and anything else of value in their economies.

Muslims are the new bogeyman that is used to convince us that violence, rape and murder are a good thing that will keep us safe. People talk about protecting their children.

Let’s just get real for a second. Children are safe in times of peace. If you think that killing, brutalizing and robbing other sovereign nations of their resources and dignity will keep your children safe, I suggest you look at how well that has worked throughout history.

If you want your children to be safe, work for peace. Recognize that there is no “other” type of person who is inherently evil. There are just people like you. Looks like they’ve been watching America and learning our idea that violence is justified for a noble cause. We’re the biggest dog. People around the world follow our example. It’s time to take control of the ones we have control of: ourselves.

Inform yourself. People like John Perkins have stepped up to confess the role they have had in betraying the Muslim countries of the world. He tells about the way Henry Kissinger instructed him in the manipulation and destruction of governments in Africa. Read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” and “Hoodwinked” if you want to protect your children. Knowledge is power.

At the same time as we protect ourselves from people in other countries who are already lost in violence, we should recognize that we are contributing to the problem and take responsibility for reducing the violence we put into the world.

That means changing to renewable energy so we don’t need to murder every time we drive to work or turn on our lights. That means buying clothes made in the USA and food grown locally, so we don’t depend on slave labor in other countries.

Time to get right with #thewholetruth.

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#PeaceForParis #PeaceForTheWorld #GlobalLoveRevolution


In the face of a tragedy, the answer is more peace.

The answer is more love.

Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

All the greatest accomplishments of our time were achieved by peace leaders.  From Mandela to the Dalai Lama, they teach that forgiveness is the only path to peace.

Forgiveness may not be easy, however it is a necessary step in creating peace.

We need to take a look at the part that we, as a nation, can control.  We need to stop regime change in other sovereign countries.  We need to stop abusing their governments in order to get access to their natural resources or to compress their populations into slave labor to sew our clothes or make our Christmas gifts

We can each be a Dalai Lama or Mandela and refuse to contribute more violence or more hate to an already roiling planet.

This is what it means to be the change; inside your heart, keep your love light burning for humanity.

Kapu Aloha, malama ke aloha.

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Mauna Kea


At the summit of the greatest mountain on earth, there is a meeting between Hawaiian spiritual practitioners and Western scientists.

Although the context is literally a summit, the calls for more in depth dialogue from the Hawaiian practitioners have been handled not as an opportunity for improved relations between the two sides, but as an irritating inconvenience, standing in the way of a significant financial investment.

This is a tragic circumstance. In the history of Western scientific thought, there have been relatively few instances where scientists had the humility to be curious about the indigenous worldview, and even fewer instances where they manage to actually realize true insights into a line of thought very different from their own.

Some shining examples of institutions and individual scientists who are true pioneers do exist, however. The Institute of Heartmath in Boulder Creek, CA, has done extensive scientific research to better understand the subtle function of the human heart in our social relationships.

They made the amazing discovery that the heart is constantly sending and receiving radio signals. That means our hearts are constantly in communication with other people’s hearts. What is quite special about mountains as a location for spiritual practice, is that not only are they generally less populated, but they are actually a location where a human being can experience their biology as an instrument to receive and transmit signals with the cosmos, which is loaded with radio signals.

What good would that be? Well, honestly, we tend to receive a message much more profoundly when it passes through our bodies, than when it is a bunch of data printed out on paper or even more abstractly, if it exists solely in the virtual reality of ones and zeroes. There is certainly value in direct experience. It’s the difference between being in the audience at the ballet, and being one of the dancers.

An individual scientist who has pursued a truly groundbreaking path is Nassim Haramein, who, through his work in quantum physics, has constructed a model based on mathematics and scientific observation, that explains the interconnectivity of the universe.

Haramein’s work also confirms the scientific basis of ‘free energy’ that can be harvested from the vacuum of space. With implementation of his ideas, we would no longer require the use of fossil fuels, and we would be able to miniaturize technology significantly, in order to reduce our impact on the Earth’s resources. The effect is to establish that there is a powerful and untapped potential for development of human civilization that is quite literally immaterial.

Telescopes are a physical representation of the Western belief in materialism; that is, if you want to get something done, it is necessary to construct a material implement to accomplish your goal.

This is the opposite of the approach to knowledge taken by indigenous practitioners. Their systematic intellectual and spiritual development is extremely rigorous in order to render them suitable instruments of perception. For this reason, it is essential that their hearts remain open and they learn how to experience what would otherwise be considered overpowering emotions with complete openness.

Violation of a pristine sacred site with a massive construction, therefore, is a sign of disrespect to the indigenous worldview that is looked upon with the same contempt today as it was in 1492. The difference is that now the violation is delivered with bulldozers and politesse, rather than with swords.

The old concept of ‘terra nullius’ is, objectively, wrong. An empty natural site is actually an interface for human beings to connect quite literally in electromagnetic communication with the cosmos. In this age of impending natural disaster for humanity, we ought to place more value and interest on that phenomenon.

To the supporters of the TMT, I would like to point out that just because someone is smart and has an advanced degree, doesn’t mean that there might not be some fields of human knowledge in which they are ignorant. And it certainly doesn’t give them the right to invalidate other people’s worldview. As human rights activist Julia Ormond puts it, “Being equal is not an aspiration. It’s what we are.”

To the protesters, I would like to say thank you, for the effort you are making to stand for a greater principle. Remember that as you resonate, so the universe resonates. Malama ko aloha.  Kapu Aloha.

Two Paths of Love

venus flower

It is a very different proposition to say, “I want to have an enduring love, so I am going to prepare myself with knowledge, I am going to grow, develop, take my lessons and have patience with the process”, than it is to say “I am going to make a structure that forces myself and this other person to stay together forever, no matter what the cost”.

Both paths can be hard.  The first path actually assumes more self-responsibility for the consequences of one’s choices.  Succeed or fail on your own merits.  If you fail, get back up, dust yourself off, learn and start over.  Fair and square.

The second path creates a kind of codependency where the distortions and the destructive tendencies of either partner can become exaggerated without being resolved, because there is this artificial mental structure forcing the partners together.

Because the first path works on free will only, the wasted and drained energy lost through conflict and drama is kept to a minimum.  A relationship that works becomes a source of energy that nourishes everyone who witnesses it, and it is celebrated.

The second path can only survive by externalizing the costs of making the relationship work by becoming a drain on others.  Each partner needs outside energy to keep them propped up.   When the love in the relationship is gone, they will look to outward sources of love and approval.  If they refuse to honor that new love with their full presence in the relationship, essentially they begin to cannibalize others, ripping love out of them and then abandoning them because their only concern is to last one more day inside their self-constructed prison.

The moral value of either path is deeply connected to the value of love.

What is the value of a love that lights you up and fills you every day with bursts of inspiration and joy?

What is the value of feeling that rightness when you are close to your partner and a natural desire to fly right into their arms?

I have tried the second path.  I held my lessons in my hands and looked at the broken and wasted landscape that the second path creates and you know what?  At that moment it became clear to me that either I could wade into the minefield and spend so much effort trying to reverse what happened, or I could recognize that the first path is the one that I want to commit my time and energy to realizing.

It’s not enough to tell people what they should and ought to do no matter how much it hurts.  To drag a partner eternally back into the mosh pit is cruelty.  It’s also incredibly painful when someone tries to start a relationship in the posture of controlling, limiting, lashing out, or nitpicking, when they haven’t even really begun to discover the full potential of their new love.

A real partnership would be a creative collaboration with someone who would be an architect of beliefs and identities with me, and we could spend the rest of our lives coming up with awesome new ways to be human. That would be more fun than having to obey one ideology forever when it is so easy to design interesting and beneficial changes.

Real collaboration makes space for both people to identify their goals, strengths, and needs and from that basis creates something totally new.  It requires someone who is ready to say an unconditional yes to love, and protect their dream from being crushed by other people’s fearmongering.  It can only develop rightly in an environment of affection, exploration, play, discovery, face to face communication, and relating.

My heart’s desire was and is, to walk the first path and realize its full potential in the natural course of my own growth as a soul, in order to shine a light out to the world that that rightness of love, that sweetness can come into being and last a lifetime in an unfolding of joy and delight.

That is the path I am on.