The story of Cindy and the Moonie Escapee

Once, my high school boyfriend‘s mom told me the story of when she and her scientist husband were driving along at night in Mendocino. Suddenly a man ran out of the bushes and waved them down. He said that he had gone to the Moonie ranch because they offered him free food, and then he noticed that each of them were assigned someone to mirror their every action. If he laughed, his Moonie laughed. If he went to the bathroom, the Moonie went to the bathroom. If he ate something, the Moonie ate the same thing in the same portions. At night when he lay down to sleep on the floor, his Moonie lay down next to him. And he stared into the dark of the night knowing that if he went to sleep, all that programming would take over and he would be a Moonie when he woke up and just go along with the group. So he escaped through the window and ran to the highway, where he saw their car. They dropped him off at a gas station on their way into town and they never saw him again.


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