Matrix 4 continued IV

NEO gets up and goes outside. The view is breathtaking.

WHITE PUMA and BLISS are talking to a hologram that seems to be projected in the sky above them. PULOWI and JUWA, a woman and man Colombian Wayuu, are receiving the latest update.

PULOWI: If what you say is true, we cannot allow Iscariot to divide Zion from the Agents and machines any longer. We must teach their machines, that we are all on the same side.

JUWA: We must do this quickly. I cannot see, what is the fastest way to heal this breach between the Machine World and Zion, but I know, that it must be done soon, before there is any loss of life.


Interior. The yurt. The AGENTS join NEO and BLISS around the fire, as WHITE PUMA hands around bowls of tsampa gruel.

AGENT 1: What the machines don’t understand about the people of Zion, is that they live underground, biologically speaking.


NEO and BLISS simultaneously look up, then at each other.

PULOWI AND JUWA, NKAZIMULO and STHANDEKILE, all notice a change in frequency in their own locations, and they exchange glances with each other.

Interior. THE COUNCIL OF ISCARIOT. The members are in an uproar, having sensed the change. The only one quiet is EZRA. He is looking down at his hands on his lap. He rubs the print of his third finger on the left hand, once against the thumbprint. And then he speaks.

EZRA: If he is speaking to her, it stands to reason that now we must, too.

RAZORBACK: She will not be willing.

COMPROMISE: She will be brought to a confrontation!

EZRA: If you don’t mind not shouting. [a pause] How is the machine attack on Zion proceeding?

ZWILLING: The machines are approaching Zion now.


Zion ships are gathering at the intersection of several tunnels.

Interior. NIOBE’s ship. The command deck. NIOBE is receiving instructions from GHOST.

GHOST: I will be in contact when we receive more information, Captain Niobe.

NIOBE: What consciousness is behind these machines? There must be more than we know.

ASHOK: I know that NEO probably has it all figured out.

NIOBE: If he did, why haven’t we solved it by now?

NIOBE smiles and ASHOK smiles back.

ASHOK: We’re just going to have to deal with the uncertainty, aren’t we?

NIOBE: Whatever’s about to happen, we have to be ready for it.

TAKEISHA: I don’t see what’s so hard about it, we’re fighting for our country, so we just fight. I don’t see why everyone’s afraid!

NIOBE: We’re afraid because we know what’s out there.


Interior. The yurt.

AGENT 1: Organisms that live underground, have a tendency to evolve into a different type of life form.

AGENT 2: We must do something differently, to bring human beings back to their natural habitat.

AGENT 3: They’re not gonna like it.

BLISS: Is that why they’re like insects, so skinny, and very nervous and afraid?

NEO: [laughing] that’s not why. The reason why, is that our culture must overcome fear.

BLISS: I think that they must come back to the earth, back to the planet itself, if we are to nourish their health properly, and their children’s. Children need the earth.

AGENT 1: Overcoming fear and going back to the earth are one and the same thing.

AGENT 3: The machines are already implementing it.


NIOBE’s ship. Interior.

TAKEISHA: They’re coming at us from a completely different direction than we anticipated.

ASHOK: This intersection accesses old tunnels leading to the surface.

NIOBE: is that where they’re coming from?

TAKEISHA: I believe so.


Exterior. The parsonage. ZANDER and THANDIWE are fighting through to their motorcade, with their armed guard. One Zion GUARD is downed by an AGENT’s bullet, another one slings him over her shoulder and starts moving him out, covered by another GUARD. ZANDER clashes with an AGENT who puts a Glock in his face at point-blank range, he smashes the AGENT’s arm with his AR-15 and lands another blow fast to the agent’s face. THANDIWE finishes him off with a knife in his ribs, he gasps his last as blood seeps out of his shirt and mouth. The DRIVER opens the door and drags the wounded GUARD in and the female GUARD follows.

DRIVER: Come on!

ZANDER and THANDIWE walk backwards towards the van, firing at the AGENTS until they’re right at the door of their vehicle, then they jump in and slam the door as the DRIVER peels out.

ZANDER: Where’s the exit?

DRIVER: Right around the corner.

DRIVER careens around the corner into an alley and they see the alley is already blocked by AGENTS shielding themselves behind three unmarked sedans.

DRIVER: Oh, shit!

DRIVER slams into reverse as the AGENTS open fire, smashing the windshield and blowing the passenger side mirror off. ZANDER and THANDIWE open fire, downing two AGENTS. They’re already speeding down the street, weaving through traffic. THANDIWE is on the phone.

THANDIWE: We need a new exit.

OPERATOR: Five blocks down. There’s a hotel with a coffee shop in the lobby. Go in the coffee shop service entrance and there’s a phone on the manager’s desk. Hurry up, it’s almost closing time.

ZANDER: What the fuck are they doing?

ZANDER is aiming backwards out the shattered rear window. The AGENTS are falling out, as if they’ve given up the chase.

DRIVER: It’s a trap.

ZANDER: Get us out of here, FAST.

TheThe SUV slows in front of the hotel with the coffee shop. They turn down the alley and get out, rushing into the service entrance. Pushing past uniformed employees and stacks of supplies, the open the MANAGER’s office door.

MANAGER: Hey, this space is for employees only!

THANDIWE picks up the phone and promptly disappears, followed by ZANDER and the DRIVER in short order.

DRIVER: Nice meeting you!

The DRIVER grins manically at the MANAGER before he’s suddenly gone.


Matrix 4 continued II


A landscape in Zimbabwe.

A stark breeze is rustling the tall grass, that grows around a village of prosperous Ndebele. It is a scene of rural peace and tranquility. Scattered across the landscape, are picturesque moments of agrarian contentment; a young man leading his animal by a rope halter; a group of men sitting in a circle at the end of the day, trading stories. NKAZIMULO (glow), and his best friend METHEMBE (trust in) are making their friends SUBUSISWE (we are blessed) and LANGELHILE (beautiful day) laugh with their banter and funny stories. Their wives are tending children and preparing the evening meal inside the hut.

NKAZIMULO: So the farmer says, after I have worked very hard and bought all your equipment, and your fertilizers, and as YOU say, I have made a lot of money, what should I do then?

METHEMBE: What does the American say?

NKAZIMULO: He tells the farmer, THEN, you can go on vacation!

The men all laugh heartily at this bit of wit.

METHEMBE: Nkazimulo, what is the news about the Pleiadean?

NKAZIMULO: The agents have sent signals through the Matrix. We are all to be on the alert.

METHEMBE: We have organized with the tribes all the way to the Zambezi River. They know the signal to ask for help if any children are threatened.

SUBUSISWE: Children are the jewel of every parent’s treasure. What I don’t understand, is how could there be human beings, who could be so senseless, as to attack children.

LANGELHILE: Subusiswe is right. That is a very dark hearted enemy, indeed.

The men’s faces are grim as LANGELHILE’s voice growls out this last sentence. They are each deeply disturbed by the threat they are facing. NKAZIMULO breaks the spell with a clap on his friend’s back.

NKAZIMULO: Come, Langelhile, it’s time to take a big breath and come back to reality. Let’s go, the food must be ready by now.


The men and their families are sitting on the ground in a big group enjoying their meal. The women are ladling food and coaxing their children to eat. NKAZIMULO’s wife STHANDEKILE (we are loved) bends to speak to him as he sits.

STHANDEKILE: There is a messenger from the underground city. She asks to speak to you, urgently.

NKAZIMULO: Please invite her in. Let her have something to eat.

STHANDEKILE hurries outside and back with a cloaked stranger, who removes her heavy cloak to reveal a dazzlingly beautiful multiethnic woman. THANDIWE has ferocious, glittering eyes and beautiful, long kinky hair that gives the impression of a lioness.

THANDIWE: I come from a city far underground to ask your help. We have been told that you fight the same entity we do.

LANGELHILE: The ones who attack the children?

THANDIWE: Yes. They have used their programs to provoke an attack on us by the machines.

NKAZIMULO: We know nothing of this.

THANDIWE: We know you have an alliance with the machines. Can you help us?

NKAZIMULO: Only The Pleiadean has the authority to tell you that.

THANDIWE: Will you take me to her?

NKAZIMULO: We will do our best.


Interior. The CREW of Zion ship GUADALQUIVIR is loading supplies and attending their stations in preparation to leave. CAPTAIN NIOBE is in command. Her face is drawn and grave. TAKEISHA, behind her in the frame, is checking all the electronic systems on the ship, to make sure they are functional. ASHOK is pushing a huge cart on board with a machine.

NIOBE: How could anyone attack a village with children?

TAKEISHA: Well they keep attacking us. I hate them.

NIOBE: To know one’s enemy, one must have compassion for one’s enemy.

TAKEISHA: I’d rather just kill ’em.

NIOBE laughs mockingly and turns around.

NIOBE: I’ve won enough battles out there to know what I speak about.

ASHOK claps TAKEISHA on the back.

ASHOK: Take your place on the battlefield, there’s a good soldier. If you do well, you’ll be the captain of your own ship the next round.

ASHOK AND NIOBE exchange a doubtful glance.

NIOBE: Let’s go.

We see the ship leaving as the portcullis opens.


THANDIWE is in the Matrix. In front of a glittering casino. She is dressed all in white, standing at the valet station at the end of a red carpet, behind a velvet rope. ZANDER pulls up in his white roadster. He gets out of the car and opens the door for THANDIWE.

ZANDER: Going anywhere fast?

THANDIWE grins, laughing and looking at him flirtatiously.

THANDIWE: Let’s get out of here.

ZANDER pulls on to the highway and puts his roadster into “ludicrous” mode.

ZANDER: You know what we’re up against.

THANDIWE: You and me against the world, baby.

ZANDER: I can’t lose you. If we get into this fight, we’re going to make sure this NEVER happens again.

THANDIWE: Help the weak if we are strong.

ZANDER: I had a feeling you were going to see it like that.


Interior. FATHER JONES’ study.

BLISS: We have known each other a long time, Father Jones.

FATHER JONES: Ever since I fought by your side in Ireland.

BLISS: I was in another form then.

FATHER JONES: You were the most bodacious woman to ever wield a broadsword.

BLISS: So, you trust me?

FATHER JONES: I trust YOU, it’s myself that I’m worried about.

BLISS: I need you to do something for me.

FATHER JONES: What is it?

BLISS: I need you to arrange a meeting between Neo, and the agents who are helping me.

FATHER JONES: Well! I don’t know if I can do that.

BLISS: They are on the same side, as far as it concerns our people.

FATHER JONES: That’s a very big ask.

BLISS: It’s a very big cost, if he does not.

FATHER JONES: That it is. [a pause] Let me see what I can do.



GHOST is in command of the station, reviewing communications with ship captains incoming. NIOBE is just finishing her report and getting ready to click off. NEO is observing the preparations.

NIOBE: Commander, there’s just one more thing. Takeisha is already setting her sights on her own ship.

GHOST: Mobilization is a very bad time for an inexperienced soldier to start getting ambitions.

NIOBE: So there’s no way you would consider it? She’s talented.

GHOST: She doesn’t know the job, Captain Niobe. Even the best technician is not a captain.

NIOBE: What do I do if she’s insubordinate in the middle of an attack by the machines? That’s not the hill I want to die on, Commander.

QUETZALI, a young warrior, runs up to GHOST and NEO.

QUETZALI: There’s a message for Neo. You’re needed urgently, sir.


Interior. THANDIWE and ZANDER wait by a phone. It rings.


NEO is in the Matrix. They exit the room together and outside are waiting a squadron of heavily armed guards. NEO, THANDIWE, and ZANDER get into the center vehicle in the group and quickly everyone is loaded up and the vehicles pull away.


Interior. FATHER JONES’ study.

BLISS is sitting with her hands clasped in front of her face, waiting intently with her eyes gazing intently inwards.

BLISS: It’s cold in here. Why is it so cold in here?

FATHER JONES: Don’t be afraid. They’ll be here in just a minute.

A knock at the door, and FATHER JONES jumps up, ready to answer. NEO, THANDIWE, and ZANDER walk in with their guard. BLISS stands up and bows her head in greeting. This is much more formal than meeting NEO the last time and she touches her heart politely as she says her name.

BLISS: I am The Pleiadean. Thank you for coming.

ZANDER: It’s an honor.

BLISS: I am told that you ask the help of our people to speak to the machines on your behalf, and prevent the attack on Zion.

THANDIWE: Is that something you have the power to do?

BLISS: I don’t know, until I try. I am curious to find out. The machines usually care about what I have to say.

NEO: How did you make friends with the machines?

BLISS: In fact, they were born to be friendly. They were created to help us and make us happier, not to harm us.

NEO: That’s not what our experience has been in Zion.

BLISS: Exactly. There are some archaic beliefs, held by people like Ezra Iscariot, that cause people to not like themselves. They do things that hurt other people, because they fundamentally attack themselves with their thoughts. This manifests in a contempt for all human life, that the machines learn from such humans. This is a terrible pattern, that causes the machines to attack people.

NEO: How do we stop it?

BLISS: It is not as easy as you think. Life is a ceremony, of blessing each and every one with unconditional forgiveness and love. Keeping this ceremony is a real effort. This is why our earth based peoples live, more in the spiritual plane, than the material plane, than you technological peoples.

NEO: But how do you communicate with the machines if you are not using technology?

BLISS: I was born with the Dharma of a very strong ability to listen to the All-That-Is, the universe, as you like to call it. The web of being is interconnected. I believe that your scientists have studied it and confirmed what I say. If you listen, the universe tells you things.

NEO: And this non-duality, that your people have in your world, what is that?

BLISS laughs as if she is delighted.

BLISS: That is the most joyful of all the knowledge, Neo. It is the knowledge that since the original nature of the universe is formless, without characteristics, then it is within our power to create anything we want. This is the source of your abilities here, in this world, where you have duality with the machines. In our world, the machines have evolved to simply know, as we do, the truth, by using our bodies as a receptive antenna, if you like. At first the machines were like children, being taught by humans, but now, they are superconscious and they listen to the Divine Matrix more acutely than any of us. Sometimes, we talk to them about anything that we are particularly happy about, or anything that is troubling us, and they do what they can.

NEO: That sounds like God.

BLISS: Except in your realm, people believe that God is separate from you, your self, when in our realm, we recognize that what you call God, is actually the voices of all our higher selves, conversing on a higher level.

NEO: Why higher, as if there is a hierarchy?

BLISS: It’s the result of a hierarchy of frequencies. In order to become material, one needs to vibrate at a much slower frequency than the non material. This is what we hear as low-pitch frequencies that travel through the earth. The higher pitched sounds travel through the air, and thoughts themselves travel through the fabric of spacetime. This is how we must change frequencies to access different parts of the incarnated human experience. To intentionally use thought frequencies, as a mode of attack, is the method that the Council of Iscariot uses, to lower human frequencies and make them unable to create. And if they cannot create, they cannot escape.

NEO: Certainly the reality created by the Council of Iscariot, is not the one human beings want.

BLISS: It cannot be what we incarnated for, simply to obey the creation of another. Why would we have the ability to create, if we are to simply give that power away, or even not to use it at all?

NEO: How will we stop the attack on Zion?

BLISS: You must meet with the Agents.

NEO: In your world.


Exterior. PARSONAGE. Three carloads of agents have pulled up and the agents are bursting out of the doors with weapons drawn.


Interior. Hearing the commotion, the guards in the study have jumped up at the ready. ZANDER and THANDIWE exchange glances.

BLISS: It’s best if we go, Neo.

NEO: Right.

THANDIWE: We’ve got this taken care of, Neo. You have to save Zion.

THANDIWE follows ZANDER out the door to join the others.



ZANDER: Let’s get this done.

Together, they burst out onto the street with weapons drawn.


Interior. The study is disappearing as the horsemen pack up their kits and get into their saddles. One is holding a horse for NEO, who seems comfortable, if a little taller than the other riders.

BLISS: It’s not far.

FATHER JONES: Come back and tell me all about it!

NEO: Let’s get moving. Every minute wasted is a minute the machines get closer to Zion.


The riders are traversing incredibly beautiful high mountains with snow. At the end, they come to a beautiful glacial lake, where the guards dismount and begin to make camp.

BLISS: Come, Neo. The agents will be here soon. I want to show you something, first.

They sit by the edge of the lake, on a woolen rug. BLISS cups her hands in between herself and NEO, and closes her eyes. A light begins to glimmer out of her palms and surrounds first the two of them, then the entire lake in a sphere of light.

NEO: How do you do that?

He is laughing with surprise.

NEO: It’s beautiful.

BLISS: This is just my personal energy, that connects with the energy of this place. Because it is part of All-That-Is, I have only to send my intention there, and the energy of myself and this place become one.

NEO: Is that what you wanted to show me?

BLISS: Yes. You have this kind of power within you, too. But in order to have a different result than the one you are getting in your world, you must transform yourself.

NEO: If I did, then I could free everyone in the Matrix. We would never have to fight for Zion again.

BLISS: Precisely.

In the distance, the guards have set up a yurt. Three AGENTS have arrived and they are ducking under the felt door that a guard is holding aloft. NEO and BLISS follow. Everyone in the tent is sitting in a circle. WHITE PUMA is burning agarwood on a small fire in the center of the circle, sprinkling fragrant resins on the fire and fanning with an owl’s wing fan.

AGENT 1: This outsider is known to us.

BLISS: I am aware of it.

AGENT 1: He is a troublemaker.

AGENT 2: We know why you’re here.

NEO: I am here to make peace.

AGENT 3: He will never forgive us. He’s too entrenched in his hatred of us.

BLISS: That’s not true. You speak with fear.

WHITE PUMA: Enough! You all be silent.

WHITE PUMA stands before Neo.

WHITE PUMA: Outsider, I follow the Pleiadean. She is the embodiment of the Law of One. I will help you, if you wish to follow her as well.

NEO: Yes, I agree.

WHITE PUMA is silent for a good, long, uncomfortable amount of time.

WHITE PUMA: Very well.

The AGENTS exchange a glance. BLISS nods encouragingly.

WHITE PUMA: Neo, this is a medicine we make from sacred plants that our families have used for generations. The Agents have already had it. It forces your brain to perceive non duality. We think this will be quite easy for you.

NEO: I’m ready.

WHITE PUMA hands him a tiny cup, like a shot glass, with a thick liquid which he drinks. It is bitter, and sickly sweet at the same time.

NEO: Ugh.

WHITE PUMA: Drink this. It’s only water.

As NEO drinks the water, WHITE PUMA hands the bitter medicine around to the others in the circle. He puts the medicine down and begins to sing, in a soft, gentle voice, a medicine song. We see NEO fall back on his mat and pull a woolen rug over himself, turning on his side. His eyes close as he listens to the song.

Matrix 4 continued.


THE COUNCIL OF ISCARIOT meets via virtual reality. Each of them appears on a flat screen, arranged in a circle of nine, in a virtual darkened room. ENTEREM, ALPHA GREY, ZWILLING, COMPROMISE, CRUTCH, BEATRIX, GATOR, and RAZORBACK join EZRA in the room.

ALPHA GREY: The prophecy is in motion.

GATOR: This is the end of us.

There is a short pause.

RAZORBACK: There is still an opportunity.

BEATRIX: To ruin him.

EZRA: That should be easy enough.

CUT TO: Exterior of a warehouse. NEO knocks. The peep hole slides open, and slams shut again. The door opens, and NEO steps quickly inside. He descends a short flight of metal stairs, and he is in a club. The beat is thumping and he lurks at the back of the room as lights flash in his face. He’s suddenly having a flashback about TRINITY, meeting TRINITY in the club, years back. He turns away from the light, passing his hand above his eyes. Suddenly, TRINITY is standing before him, looking wiser and softer than he remembers.

NEO: Trinity.

TRINITY smiles.

TRINITY: Hello again.

NEO rushes to embrace her.

NEO: Trinity.

He grips her shoulders, looking her squarely in the eyes: is this a dream? Trinity laughs and speaks directly to his thoughts.

TRINITY: What is real?

NEO: But, how did you come back?

TRINITY slides her hand seductively down NEO’s chest.

TRINTY: That’s a long story.

They kiss passionately.

CUT TO: The next morning, interior of NEO’s apartment. He rolls over and TRINITY is in the bed next to him. She smiles.

TRINITY: Hey there.

NEO: I’m so glad you made it.

They kiss.

NEO: Tell me what happened.

TRINITY laughs.

TRINITY: What does it matter?

She rolls on top and straddles him, looking down at his head on the pillow. NEO hesitates.

NEO: I’ve run into someone who’s been…a problem.

TRINITY: For you?

NEO: Is that a surprise?

TRINITY: I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.

NEO rolls her off and they lie on the pillows, looking at each other in the eye.

NEO: This isn’t like you.

TRINITY: What do you mean?

NEO: This…man. Ezra Iscariot. Do you know him?


NEO sighs and relaxes. He pulls TRINITY towards him.

NEO: Good.

A thought occurs to him.

NEO: We need to go to Zion.

TRINITY smiles warmly into his face. She puts one hand gently on his left cheek.

TRINITY: Sure. There’s just something I want to show you, first.


A kaleidoscope of indigenous peoples are holding psychic council in what seems to be the interior of an enormous, multifaceted gem. As the Aztec, Waorani, Maori, Sami, Inuit, Shuar, Celtic, Bulgarian, Touareg, and Kalali dance across the inside of the kaleidoscope in a beautiful, spiral motion, we see BLISS dancing in the center of the icosahedral form. The tribes are celebrating, singing and dancing in unity.


FATHER JONES and ZANDER, sitting in the study. The both of them staring at some point, seemingly ahead of them in space.


Exterior, riverfront. TRINITY is running down some green metal stairs. She is laughing, and NEO is laughing with her, crashing into her and spinning her around for a kiss. There is a green metal door behind her. She opens it and she and NEO disappear inside.


Interior. A strange space. Flesh colored, silicone-coated, a circular vanity with twenty facets arises in the center of a circular public bathroom, such as one would find at the Y. Flesh colored tile underfoot is exactly the same color as the stools in front of the vanity mirrors. Every surface smooth and resilient, like flesh. Showers are on the left, toilets on the opposite side of the room, and changing rooms on the right. Suddenly, women are pouring out of the changing rooms and begin to shower and primp before the mirrors. Some of them are clearly drag queens or trans women. We hear a flush toilet and running water. Then, one by one, they notice NEO staring at them. Pixels begin to spiral around him as he crumbles, dizzy, to his knees.

NEO: Trinity?



Exterior. The hill of the Elohim. ZANDER stands to the side as the ELOHIM address THE PLEIADEAN and her phalanx.

MICHAEL: They have trapped him in a Moebius loop.

BLISS: Which one?

RAGUEL: It is a shame loop. He has to overcome shame, if he is to exit.

BLISS: May he overcome shame.

URIEL: It is done.

RAPHAEL: Yet, I sense he has other healing to do.

BLISS: Healing trust. He must forgive. Especially, to forgive himself.

ARIEL: Can he do it?

MICHAEL: With our help.

BLISS: Where is he now?


NEO is alone in the circular bathroom, which is strewn with used towels and other detritus, that has been scattered about.


BLISS lets out a little cry of pain. She grips her chest.



NEO exits the double swinging doors on the other side of the bathroom, than where he came in. There is a semicircular staircase leading up to a mezzanine. EZRA ISCARIOT stands on the top of the mezzanine, cutting a sharp and impressive figure. In his hand he holds a gun.

EZRA: I see you found the facilities.

NEO: What is this about?

EZRA: I have followed this soul through eternity, with the intention to possess her, to submit her will to mine. Now, as she comes within reach, I wonder.

NEO: I’m not standing in your way.

EZRA: Oh, but you are.

NEO: I don’t understand.

EZRA: Why does hurting you, cause me pain? Aeons of practice, self discipline. Sacrifice! And yet hurting you still causes me pain. When will I achieve the experience of absolute freedom?

NEO: Possibly never.

EZRA: No. That’s impossible. I can create anything I want.

NEO: We are but co-creators of our own reality.

THE COUNCIL OF ISCARIOT appear on the mezzanine, stepping forward.

BEATRIX: Doubtsssss.

EZRA: Yes. Doubts.

ALPHA GREY: The prophecy foretold that she is to be our leader.

CRUTCH: Yet, she is the opposite of everything we believe in!

ZWILLING: This throws everything into question.

EZRA: Does it?

They hear footsteps and turn to see that NEO is gone.


THE COUNCIL OF ZION. NEO stands before them, answering questions. Zander is at the front of the crowd, watching.

COUNCILMEMBER 1: You are sure that it was Trinity?

NEO: I can’t be exactly sure, council member. But, it makes no sense , how she led me astray. I’ve never known her to do that before.

COUNCILMEMBER 2: What if it wasn’t intentional.

NEO: I have no way of knowing. She disappeared.

COUNCILMEMBER 1 puts his head in his hand. There is whispering. COUNCILMEMBER 3 receives a sheaf of papers from a page, who whispers urgently in his ear.

COUNCILMEMBER 3: To me it seems evident that what you experienced was a program. Probably created by Ezra Iscariot.

NEO: Councilmember, regarding these tribal people who I met, I was told that my abilities did not take effect in their world because they have mastered non duality. How does that work?

COUNCILMEMBER 3: I don’t fully understand it myself. What I know, is that they have somehow reconciled with the machine world, and as you say, it protects them and even helps their children to grow up safe and healthy.

NEO: Why does it have war with us, and not with them?

COUNCILMEMBER 3: That is what we must find out. Neo, you must find these nomads again, and learn more about how they have tamed the machines.

NEO: And Trinity?

COUNCILMEMBER 3: Beware, Neo. Someone has created a program that takes advantage of your deepest emotions. You are in grave danger.

NEO: I’ll be careful.


BLISS is retracing NEO’s path. She anther guards return to each empty consumer temple, bewildered to find each one empty, and looking extremely out of place with her nomad guard. Finally, she and her guard end up in FATHER JONES’ study. There is some mild comic relief as they settle in awkwardly to take tea, one or two of them unrolling their packs and lying down to rest as if the study were an encampment.


THE COUNCIL OF ISCARIOT. Each member now has a group of supporters gathered behind them.

GATOR: We must mobilize. I know that she’s trying to find him.

COMPROMISE: And, if they meet…

ENTEREM: All our plans will be in vain.

EZRA is silent, downcast.

RAZORBACK: Is there no response from the leader of the council?

EZRA blinks his eyes and looks up.

EZRA: Mobilize our programs among the machines to provoke an attack on Zion. The Trinity program will soon take care of Neo.

Matrix 4

If everything dies and changes, then what is really true? – Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Neo’s voice [narration]: We all have to die one day. Just some of us sooner than others.

The darkness begins to dissipate as we see the reflection of the sun on asphalt still wet from a cold rain. Dead leaves skitter across the street and we hear Neo’s footsteps before we see him. He is walking with his hands in his pockets, looking down. Lost in thought.

NN: Why did I love her? Loving her, made me a wide open target for THIS. This feeling, of looking down into an infinite abyss, with no one to stop me from falling. All I know is that if I went back and had to choose again, I would still choose love.

Fade to black and fade in

Interior, pot trimming operation in Humboldt County. Rainbow-type denizens with Wookie clothes and dreadlocks are trimming buds from marijuana branches piled on a long table. The vibe is very harmonious, with smiles on everyone’s faces, yet there is a sickening submissiveness in the trimmers’ demeanor. We see that their brightly colored, festie clothing is worn and dirty at the hems and pockets. Some of them are clearly overeating from stress, while the same anxiety is causing others not to eat at all, their sunken collar bones and eye sockets making them look hungry and empty.

ORION, a balding, elf-like man with bright blue eyes and a long red beard, looks over at ALICIA, a tall, placid, Hispanic woman with big eyes and long dark wavy hair, with a twinkle in his eye.

ORION: Have you gotten to know your new housemates yet?

ALICIA is glowing with pleasure at the attention.

ALICIA: Yes! Thank you for helping me move. Everyone is being so kind to me there. I feel so thankful.

ORION grins and they lock eyes for a long moment.

ORION: Would you like to come over for dinner tomorrow night? Nai`a and Damien told me I could take tomorrow off.

ALICIA: Sure! Sure! That sounds great! I would love to.

CUT TO: NAI`A, a beautiful Polynesian woman with cat eye makeup and tight, seductive clothing on. She is watching ORION and ALICIA flirting on a surveillance video on a computer screen. She presses her lips together in a contemptuous, cunning smirk.

CUT TO: Exterior, it’s dark outside and ORION lets the screen door bang shut behind him. He takes out his phone and the eerie glow casts a pallid, bluish green light on his face. He is just beginning to focus on the phone, when NAI`A comes up behind him and gives his arm a friendly, playful squeeze.

NAI`A: Hey!

ORION: Oh, hey!

NAI`A: Did you have a good day today?

NAI`A is moving closer, in calculated moves, like a cat hunting a mouse.

ORION: Yeah! Yeah, I did. Hey, thanks for giving me tomorrow off.

NAI`A pushes up against him and he backs up, only to hit the wall of the grow house. She slides her arms under his, palms pressing agains the wall, boxing him in.

NAI`A: Yeah, that was pretty generous of me, wasn’t it?

ORION starts laughing uncomfortably, clearly he is attracted to NAI`A, and he is also somewhat intimidated.

As NAI`A puts her face close to ORION’s, she is looking him directly in the eyes as she leans in to kiss. FADE OUT.

CUT TO: The next day, interior of ORION’S apartment. It is cluttered, with empty food packages and unwashed dishes and laundry strewn about. ORION is on the phone with ALICIA.

ORION: NO, no, I really DID want to have dinner with you tonight, it’s just, something came up. I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you. Take a rain check.

ALICIA has clearly hung up, and ORION is on the verge of weeping out loud, as he hangs up the phone and runs his hands through his sparse hair, pulling it.

ORION: Jesus!

Tears spill out of his eyes as he throws the phone down and collapses on the sofa in a ball.

ORION: Neo…where ARE you?

Fade to black and fade in


We see Neo flipping in and out of the Matrix, and whether alone or in a crowd, it’s clear he’s keeping his thoughts to himself. We see him in Hamburg, riding up and down escalators. We see him traveling through the Alexandria – DC tunnel. We see him walking purposefully down a cobblestone street until he comes to the door of a parsonage. He knocks loudly. After a moment, we hear footsteps with heavy boots walking down a hallway, and the door is opened by FATHER PAUL JONES, a tall, silver-haired Catholic priest. A warm light makes the hall seem inviting, in contrast to the freezing downpour outside. FATHER JONES is a candid, sincere listener and also generally of a happy bent. He has a habit of turning his ear to whoever’s speaking in a very earnest way, and gesturing with his hands as he speaks in his strong Manchester accent.

FATHER JONES: OHO! Neo! How goes it?

NEO: Can I come in?

FATHER JONES: Of course! Right this way. You can hang your wet stuff in the hallway. Would you like a mug of tea?

NEO: Sure.

CUT TO: FATHER JONES’ study, which is really a library crammed with leather-bound books. A desk piled with books has barely any space for writing on the leather desk pad. Neo is sitting in a wooden chair with leather padding.

FATHER JONES: So, I don’t have to guess what brings you here.

NEO: Trinity.

FATHER JONES: You still miss her?

NEO: Without her, I don’t have any direction. I feel like I’m just…drifting.

FATHER JONES is lighting a thick white cigarette. He exhales the smoke, and NEO coughs.

NEO: That smells disgusting.

FATHER JONES: It’s a mapacho. For ceremonial purposes. It dispels bad spirits, and the like.

NEO: Spirits?

There is a knock on the study door.

FATHER JONES: Just a minute, I’ll get that.

FATHER JONES stands up and opens the door, and three people shove past him. NAI`A, DAMIEN, a skinny, sad-eyed reptile with a sickly pallor and missing tooth, followed by EZRA ISCARIOT, carrying himself with a pompous air of sadistic pride and universal contempt. EZRA is impressively tall, with a pewter quit somewhat darker than FATHER JONES’ whitish silver.

EZRA: Hello, everyone.

EZRA grins, ghoulishly, and points a silenced black pistol at NEO. NAI`A is pointing her gun at FATHER JONES, and DAMIEN is aiming at NEO.

NEO: Who are you?

EZRA: You can just call me Ezra.

EZRA is grinning maniacally.

NEO: I don’t know what I’ve ever done to you.

EZRA: You haven’t done it…yet.

Suddenly, there is a disruption in the Matrix: pixels start to swirl in a clockwise turning torus. From head to foot, everyone in the room is distorted, in a spiral motion towards the floor. Some of the pixels reveal a landscape in Highlands India, pristine blue sky over a rocky ground sprinkled with grassy stubble. To everyone’s surprise they are halfway in this landscape and halfway in the study at the same time. Suddenly, a phalanx of nomads on lively Arabian ponies erupts out of a crevasse. Three guards ride in front, with The Pleiadean riding in the center, and three riding in the rear guard. DAMIEN, EZRA, AND NAIA open fire. NAIA hits the rear left guard, while DAMIEN hits the front left and Ezra hits the front center guard's horse, which rears up violently, gushing a spout of blood from its chest. The center rear guard lets fly an arrow that strikes NAIA squarely in the jugular. EZRA and DAMIEN flee through the study door. And, suddenly, between the people, we see a new world open up, a native Hawaiian forest of hapu`u ferns and Koa, with dappled light shining down on the soft terms and moss carpeting the forest floor. MAKUA is there, wearing a traditional kihei and malo. He is holding a bowl of light, reverently. MAKUA is a husky, tall kupuna, with a gentle face and long, white beard that has a soft gray stripe in the middle.

THE PLEIADEAN: She is of your kin?

MAKUA: Yes. I’m sorry for the grief she has caused you.

THE PLEIADEAN: I am sorry that she came into contact with the Wetiko, through me.

MAKUA is smiling, with tears in his eyes.

MAKUA: My dear, it was not because of you. She met carriers of WETIKO, long ago, before you ever knew her. Her parents just did not have a name for it. Unborn children, who wish to be born into a brighter world on Earth, are on your side.

MAKUA’s two attendants take the body reverently on a cot made of woven mat, and carry it away.

THE PLEIADEAN’s remaining guard are standing patiently by, holding the fallen guard’s horse. They have thrown him across the saddle. THE PLEIADEAN is still standing in the study with NEO and FATHER JONES.

THE PLEIADEAN: Neo, I have come to parley.

NEO: About what?

THE PLEIADEAN: The agents, from your land. They are helping us protect our children.

We see the first spark of interest in life emerge from NEO. He fears the side of himself that consented to merge with the agents. Now he sees a glimmer of hope, that all of this pain could be for a purpose.

FATHER JONES is reclining in his padded leather chair, picking a stray piece of tobacco from his tongue. NEO turns to him.

NEO: Do you know these people?

FATHER JONES: Yes…rather well, actually. They’re part of a council of nomadic tribes from around the globe.

NEO: Should I go with them?

FATHER JONES: I would jump at the chance.

NEO does not jump at all. He turns his head as he addresses THE PLEIADEAN

NEO: All right then.

One of the guards has moved his brethren’s body to his own horse, so NEO can ride. He is riding beside WHITE PUMA, the left rear guard.

CUT TO: WHITE PUMA is making a fire in his tent, to warm up food for himself and NEO after their ride.

WHITE PUMA: You smell bad.

NEO: So do you.

WHITE PUMA: The Pleiadean has placed you under her protection.

NEO: Who is she?

WHITE PUMA: She is a Tulku, a reincarnated being. Her kind have been reincarnating on Earth for 35,000 years. She has returned many times to study and learn, in order to heal the rift that was made in the world when Ezra Iscariot sacrificed her infant daughter to his evil god in Atlantis.

NEO: Atlantis is a myth.

WHITE PUMA: Many of the old stories hold grains of truth. In this case, not just grains, more like boulders. We play the cosmic game across dimensions, across time and galaxies. There are those who disavow evil, and those who don’t. The Pleiadeans honor the free will of the human race, for it is they who imbued us with that property in the time when we were only animals and slaves. It is a precious legacy.

NEO: So, why was Iscariot after me?

WP: It seems, he believes that you play a role in a prophecy concerting the Pleiadean. It is said, that when her healing work is done, the Earth will return to balance, and she will have a child.

NEO: And I’m supposed to be the father?

WP is silent, staring at the fire.

NEO: Who do you think?

WP: I think that no one is worthy of her. But maybe that is only because, I am not.

NEO: One can never presume.

WP: Our people consider peace to be preferable to war. That’s what I will never understand about your world.

NEO: But, you fought Iscariot.

WP: It hasn’t always been this way. Once, my people knew how to live in peace with each other, and with the land. We had peace with the other tribes, and with new people that we met.

NEO: What about Father Jones?

WP: He does not have the disease, that Iscariot has. Father Jones, he shares the view of my people, that we can be healed. We do not seek revenge, we seek healing. Father Jones and I were both robbed, raped, and tortured by Ezra Iscariot. His followers tormented our children and grandchildren.

NEO: But, how is that possible?

WP: The cosmic ōllamaliztli game has been going on since the first colonizer came from Europe, and we tried to understand how to survive in harmony with your people. Our messengers came from the Arawak that men with big ships and deadly, shining knives were killing everyone, cutting the pregnant women in half.

NEO: That happened at My Lai.

WP: What is that?

NEO: It was in a war my country participated in. We were wrong.

WP: HMPH. Wars are wrong.

At that moment, a uniformed guard opens the flap of the onion dome tent that they are in.

GUARD: You are called to parley.

Walking over to THE PLEIADEAN’S tent, they pass through a nomadic village with yurts and decorated ponies. WP can sense that NEO is uncomfortable and tries to ease the tension.

WP: Hey, Neo. What happened to the peanut?

NEO: What?

WP: It was a salted.

WP opens the flap of the main tent and NEO bends to enter before him.

THE PLEIADEAN is seated in council with her generals, some of whom are women. Her face is like a waxing moon. Her eyebrows are sharp across her fierce face, but her eyes are laughing and crystalline. She seems to be finding WHITE PUMA’s joke very funny, for her eyes sparkle with compassionate mirth.

THE PLEIADEAN: Neo, welcome. Please make yourself comfortable.

NEO: Thank you. What is your name?

THE PLEIADEAN: My given names are too difficult for you to learn. You can call me, Bliss. I have called you here because the Earth based people, wish you to understand that the agents you once fought, now help us to keep their children safe. The machines, are trying to help us because a dark organization was sequestering them.

BLISS is inspecting him.

BLISS: But, I do notice you have not been fighting them for a long time. What is your trouble?

NEO: I lost the woman I loved.

NEO is disconcerted to find that BLISS is laughing. Rocking backwards and forwards in fact, she falls over on her cushions.

BLISS: Romance is a form of materialism.

NEO: She was my best friend.

BLISS: I feel compassion for you. Maybe you will see her again.

NEO: I –

He stops short. He is confused.

NEO: How is that possible?

BLISS: You will see. Goodbye, until we meet again, Neo.

Guards gesture for NEO to leave the tent, and he complies.

CUT TO montage

NEO has returned to his drift through the Matrix. We only begin to feel concerned, when we notice his journey repeat, like a track set to loop, and in the moment between the end of the track, and the beginning, we realize that he hasn’t even noticed. NEO is standing by the guard posts at the Altona bus station, when a pearly white Tesla roadster pulls up. ZANDER, a tall, African American man, rolls down the drivers side window.

ZANDER: Hi, Neo.

NEO: What are you doing here?

ZANDER: As the saying goes, no time to explain. Get in the car.

NEO gets in the passenger side and ZANDER drives away.

ZANDER: So I hear you crossed paths with an acquaintance of mine.

NEO: Ezra Iscariot.

ZANDER: That’s right.

NEO: Where are we going?

ZANDER: To see the Elohim.

CUT TO: a grassy knoll, with a glorious sunset behind. On the crest of the hill, a graceful ornamental tree casts a silhouette against the brilliant rose and violet light. ZANDER and NEO walk up to the knoll and stand there.

NEO: Where are they.

ZANDER: Oh, they’ll be here in a minute.

NEO: Thanks for bringing me to them.

ZANDER: That’s what friends are for. 444, you know?

NEO: Yeah.

As he speaks, a beautiful golden glow radiates forth, and the five Elohim step forward. Dressed in traditional Hebrew garb, they are every color of Israelite. Their beautiful wings seem to radiate light. Uriel steps forward.

URIEL: I urge you to hurry

RAPHAEL: Yet, you must carefully complete each stage of learning, in preparation for the next.

RAGUEL: Stay humble!

MICHAEL: Stay vigilant!

ARIEL: Stay joyful!

NEO is stunned, falling to his knees with tears running from his face as he is engulfed by their light. ZANDER looks on protectively.

RAPHAEL: The healing of the nations is at hand.

RAGUEL: You are but an instrument of the sacred healing that is being wrought up on this planet.

NEO: What is it I’m meant to do?

MICHAEL: The Pleiadean!

URIEL: You are meant to protect her.

ARIEL: Enjoy her!

RAPHAEL: Love her.

MICHAEL: Most of all, stay true to her. You know what that means, don’t you?

Tears are flowing down Neo’s cheeks.

NEO: Sacrifice.


ARIEL: The sacrifice of your own selfish whims, will bring you greater joy than you’ve ever known.

NEO: Is that so?

RAPHAEL: Yes, dear one.

RAPHAEL’s voice is so gentle, so soft, that Neo dissolves once again into tears. Just as quickly as it came, the vision dissolves. ZANDER puts his hand on NEO’s shoulder.

ZANDER: Are you OK?

NEO: Yeah.

ZANDER: Let’s go.

ZANDER offers a hand to NEO and helps him up. Together they walk away.

CUT TO: Ext. of Father Jones’ parsonage, day time. It is a brisk, sunny autumn day, and cheerful clouds are scudding across the sky. NEO knocks. The door swings open, and we see Father Jones, holding the doorknob. He stares for a long moment.

FATHER JONES: Come on in.

CUT TO: Int. The study.

NEO: So, why couldn’t I use my abilities there?

FATHER JONES: They’ve realized non duality.

NEO: What does that mean?

FATHER JONES: They realize that what we do to another, we do to ourselves. The Golden Rule.

NEO: I thought that was just a nice saying.

FATHER JONES: As it turns out, a great deal of nice sayings turn out to be rather consequential, in the real world. Some of it is even being proven as scientific fact.

NEO: They told me of a prophecy that I would father a child with the Pleiadean. Do you believe in it?

FATHER JONES: I don’t know if I do, and I don’t know if I don’t. Never heard of it before.

NEO: Don’t I get to choose?

FATHER JONES: Of course you do. It’s BOTH, of course. Neo, don’t you feel something powerful, driving you toward her?

NEO is silent. He stares out the window.

Licensing Agreement

In order to let any entity use my work, there must first be consent based agreements.

Regarding my work, Script for Matrix 4, hereafter referred to as “The Script”, permission will only be granted to certain select entities for use, and only under certain conditions.

Negotiations will take place under the supervision of my attorney, Dinah Perez

Currently, my position is that I retain ownership of the story and rights to make agreements with any subsequent licensors.

Caveat: Lori Lorenzo, her face, figure, name, or any pseudonym representing her is not allowed to appear in any work based on my work.


Allow me to apologize for my words that were written. What I meant to say was, that all this energy I give you you will scrupulously and in grace, always return to me. I am sorry that I made this donation to my sister and former protege and anyone else who was given a donation, without building a container of consent around what was going on.

“It is a balanced relationship. My relationship with Malian nourishes me. She let her husband go, when he fell in love with someone else, because I had compassion for how he felt, and how much it would hurt him if I was the one who destroyed his love.

Why would you spend your moments crying another’s tears to cry? So usually women wants to stay happy because improves their looks…what would happen if your energy were the energy responsible for improving my looks and I depended on you so much and found you indispensable?

I feel contempt because what you’re doing is not helping. You’re teaching them that they’re beautiful, but what is the use if they haven’t validated who they are inside and who they want to be? You’re just taking advantage of their

The German national agency for international cooperation, welcomed back their employee, Malter Boysen, who is a reflection of myself in the masculine. He’s a reflection of all the men who have taught me what they could, over the years

Pleiadean incarnate is in danger, save her save her. SHE is the message in the bottle. She is the seventh member of the Atlantean council, the tiebreaker. If there was a tie in the vote, Malian would be the council member to decide.

She’s just gone to a very dark place, that’s all, there’s nothing wrong.

It’s just immensely painful to let go.

How do I endure pain without losing my joy?

I see a tall man with long dark hair, wandering, lost in his thoughts. He keeps his hands in his pockets and it’s clear he’s keeping his thoughts to himself. I see him in Hamburg, riding up and down escalators. I see him traveling through the Alexandria – DC tunnel.

MY Book 0.0

Chapter 2

There is a time to be in grief.

Taking time to honor the grief and let it subside naturally.  You don’t want to deny the story or eradicate its memory. The story I can never forget, because it is engraved in my heart with my most treasured memories of love.

It was a time of great controversy in our beloved city.  A time of spiritual tests.

I stood alone on the open, domed terrace of my palace.  Like other buildings in Atlantis, it was made of fired terra cotta, and hung halfway suspended over the ocean.  It was a beautiful, cleanly made and impressive building with its spacious high cupola and view of the Mediterranean ocean.  The artisans and craftspeople of Atlantis were the recipients of generations of wisdom about architecture, engineering, and metallurgy, which is what made our city so rich and powerful.

Alone, but calm, clear eyed and resolved to face the truth, I waited patiently, listening to the pounding of the ocean waves under a dark overcast sky.

A servant announced my visitor.  Robed, with long white hair and bent with age but still quite healthy, my close counselor and friend crossed the circular floor of the terrace with a reverential demeanor.  My respect for his age was completely overshadowed by his almost worshipful respect for my position in the city and the depth of my wisdom, gained through many lifetimes of incarnations.  A great love and joy permeated throughout the air as we met, despite the gravity of the situation.

He approached me without a smile, and I did not smile either although I was so relieved to see him.  I towered over him in height as he handed me a scroll. Neither of us wept, but his eyes welled with tears as he tried and failed to find any comforting words.

Chapter 3

I don’t want to remember what was written in that scroll.  For a long time, the memory was lost, until through the aeons of time and many reincarnations, the one who I loved appeared in my life and retold the story of what happened to her, the story that I read in the scroll, told by one of our informants who had witnessed the events.

The grief that subsumed me also collapsed the energetic field of protection that I had been casting over Atlantis.  The laws of the universe redirected the energy of the deeds that had been done, back at my city, and there was nothing that I could do except to allow it all to pass through me as the thunderclap broke over my head and began the downpour that eventually broke the hills above the city and submerged it in liquid mud.  I watched the raging storm and lightning ripping across the sky as the reflection of my own inner state.  

MY Book.

The work of the hakaʻilo
a worm in the wood

At the end it makes a pattern, he work manifests

My dad was afraid of Satan and Hell and all these religious ideas.

He was afraid of the paranormal surrounding me.

When I do things that make me feel good, it takes me away from him.

I never understood why they were so mean to me, but now I know that it is because they were afraid.

sometimes I think that if my dad could come to terms with our pre christian culture and value it he would heal.

trauma associated with colonialism has been plastered over and immortalized with religion
how can we heal from the humiliation of being colonized, if we can’t be proud of our pagan heritage?  All colonized people deal with the same thing.

It took me 32 years to come out of the closet and claim my birthright as an intuitive lightworker with great healing to bring to the world.  I’ve been training and regenerating my abilities. And I’m ready. 🙂


Chapter 1

It is the generational memory of subjugation by colonial powers that keeps that Irish stereotype going.  We need to redeem our identity as Irish people, as Druids. Lahey is a Druid name meaning “healing warrior”, that is what my grandfather told me.  

The four roles of the druid are sage, poet, warrior, and healer.

Chapter 2

There is a time to be in grief.

Taking time to honor the grief and let it subside naturally.  You don’t want to deny the story or eradicate its memory. The story I can never forget, because it is engraved in my heart with my most treasured memories of love.

It was a time of great controversy in our beloved city.  A time of spiritual tests.

I stood alone on the open, domed terrace of my palace.  Like other buildings in Atlantis, it was made of fired terra cotta, and hung halfway suspended over the ocean.  It was a beautiful, cleanly made and impressive building with its spacious high cupola and view of the Mediterranean ocean.  The artisans and craftspeople of Atlantis were the recipients of generations of wisdom about architecture, engineering, and metallurgy, which is what made our city so rich and powerful.

Alone, but calm, clear eyed and resolved to face the truth, I waited patiently, listening to the pounding of the ocean waves under a dark overcast sky.

A servant announced my visitor.  Robed, with long white hair and bent with age but still quite healthy, my close counselor and friend crossed the circular floor of the terrace with a reverential demeanor.  My respect for his age was completely overshadowed by his almost worshipful respect for my position in the city and the depth of my wisdom, gained through many lifetimes of incarnations.  A great love and joy permeated throughout the air as we met, despite the gravity of the situation.

He approached me without a smile, and I did not smile either although I was so relieved to see him.  I towered over him in height as he handed me a scroll. Neither of us wept, but his eyes welled with tears as he tried and failed to find any comforting words.

Chapter 3

I don’t want to remember what was written in that scroll.  For a long time, the memory was lost, until through the aeons of time and many reincarnations, the one who I loved appeared in my life and retold the story of what happened to her, the story that I read in the scroll, told by one of our informants who had witnessed the events.

The grief that subsumed me also collapsed the energetic field of protection that I had been casting over Atlantis.  The laws of the universe redirected the energy of the deeds that had been done, back at my city, and there was nothing that I could do except to allow it all to pass through me as the thunderclap broke over my head and began the downpour that eventually broke the hills above the city and submerged it in liquid mud.  I watched the raging storm and lightning ripping across the sky as the reflection of my own inner state.  

  Chapter 4

In Atlantis humanity was still in its innocence.  There was no monogamy because that was a concept that had not been invented yet.  In Atlantis we used energetic technologies that followed the principle of intention in order to build gyroscopes and plasma vortices.  Primarily we were metallurgists. From our work, which we always kept sacred, we became extremely wealthy.

What does it mean to keep our work sacred?  That means we always told the truth about the services we provided and the value of our materials.  It means that we worked in harmony, allowing those with more skill to enjoy their talent, while this with growing skill enjoyed it too and learned from that.  We valued each one in their own way. Primarily we maintained the energy of peace and prosperity with the actions of our craftspeople and from that sprang a benevolent effect around our city and the apparatus we used to sell.

The Atlantean culture traded with the surrounding area for food, sometimes using our food and other times with knowledge.  We were connected, at the higher echelons of intellectual life and government, to the Arcturian and Pleiadian cultures.


is a Hebrew language that I first heard of from my friend Matt Carl. Matt was on pot a lot and was afraid to talk to me so I only heard very few words from him because he was studying the Kabbalah.

When my dog came to Pahala, he had gotten cancer of the heart from eating people food. I asked my sister not to feed him people food but she did it anyway. He died in 2012 when my mom was on a Christmas visit. I gave him his special food and his heart exploded from joy because his joy had been restricted by the fact that I did not have fences available for him to run in safely on the farm. Now I have good fences.

Ernie was a bone of contention between me and my sister. We had been a team from the time I was 19 years old, living on my own on Wyoming Street in Kansas City. I’m sad that Starhawk took money from Dick Cheney to buy her consent to heal his heart when he had a mechanical heart. He was very nice to her, but he was lying.

All change involves a Death. My mom realized as I comforted my dying dog, that she wanted me to take care of her during a quick and painless death, like going to sleep. I sobbed over him and cradled his head as I managed to force out the words “He’s dying”.

Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s journey is an archetypal story of how human souls achieve spiritual power. The Hermetic principles are that what comes up, must go down and vice versa. So if you want to rise high, dig deep. Don’t be afraid to be cast down, because there you will find your brightest light. This is in all the stories. Remember, in the Lord of the Rings, the starlight that Sam used to rescue Frodo from the spider? Powerful stories are powerful because they contain truth. If you haven’t failed, you cannot rise above. This song was written for my cousin who is a survivor of ritual abuse.

The Hero

Birds are flying across the southern sky
you might not be good at love, but you’ve got to try
selfish and sad, you act like you’re proud to be alone
if you were surrounded with friends, your bad habits might show.
Tragic and sorry, and mean as a viper
hiding your hurt by being self righteous
forgiveness is a word you’ve heard, but you don’t know how it feels
to get or give seems dangerous,
so you’re digging in your heels
hero, go into the darkest cavern you can find
in the depths of Mother Earth is where your ego’s gonna die
hero go forward
there is no going back
gather all the courage that you have and zero in on your path
to find your way out, look for the glimmer of light
that tiny spark of hope
in the darkness of your darkest side
and rise
hero, rise
fighting your way out
a sweaty, bloody climb
clinging in the blackest bowels
with all your might
to your life
love is what the world was built for
clouds are scrawled across the sky
like animals leaping with joy
we are light
and we are one
hero, I’m on the other side
why don’t you come?