Get Up Angels lyrics

Get Up Angels

Extraordinary rendition

Wars of attrition

Economic kleptocracy

In the name of democracy

Fossil fuel energy

Serves the hegemony

Pumps Trumps’ liquidity

Trump’s liquidity


Blatant theft

Of our bequest 

Get up, Angels and spread your wings

Burning with justice, get up and sing

Get up, Angels and spread your wings

Burning with justice, get up and sing

Get up, Angels and spread your wings

Burning with justice, get up and sing

Get up, Angels and spread your wings

Burning with justice, get up and sing

Culture jam

Connect with your fam

Spirit tribe

Land based vibe

No matter the color, be a stand for each other

No matter the color, be a stand for each other

Coming from love 

And bringing the light

Coming from love 

And bringing the light

Peaceful warriors are on the rise

Coming from love

Bringing the light

Peaceful warriors are on the rise

Coming from love

Bringing the light

Peaceful warriors are on the rise

Coming from love

Bringing the light

Peaceful warriors, peaceful warriors

Coming from love

Bringing the light

Get up, Angels and spread your wings

Burning with justice, get up and sing

Get up, Angels and spread your wings

Burning with justice, get up and sing

Get up, Angels and spread your wings

Burning with justice, get up and sing

Burning with justice, get up and sing


EMPIRE by Malian lyrics

So many ways to be and do

We follow what we think is true

We fail, we learn, we grow, we change

Our natural rights remain the same.

So leave me my autonomy,

To choose what I want to be,

If I need to learn you need to teach

But maybe you could learn from me

(Chorus) Empire

Using all the ways and means to gain power

I wonder what it would be like

If we all did what’s right

And honor the light


Your impulse too consolidate

Is making life so second rate

When others’ voice you suffocate

We die when we cannot create

So get this monkey off my back

Consumerism it’s like crack

Manipulation is your tool

Assuming that we are all fools.


Your fragile ego wants to see

Other people like machines

Reduced to doing what you bid,

Only servants of your id.

I’m honoring my inner spark

I won’t leave others in the dark

The day will come, the tide will surge

A global culture will emerge

From every heart and every soul

There is no centralized control

We start when we respect ourselves

And then connect with someone else.


Be sincere, be sincere and love

Be sincere and love

This life so precious

Leaves me breathless

Journey into ethnography of whiteness without a higher degree: how I learned to stop worrying and send only love.

As an anthropologist who wanted to study whiteness and found very little interest or support inside of this traditionally colonial field of study, I think that time has shown us we actually need to deconstruct whiteness in order to solve climate change.  What creates our idea of what white people even are?  How can someone who is not white colored “act white”?  We have this collection of stereotypes about how white people act and what whiteness is, like being overly severe, being unforgiving and judgmental, being obsessed with control, cleanliness, punishment and so on.  

These qualities are all just too vague and disconnected to describe something that has so much influence on all our lives; which leads me to suggest that there is a massive amount of cultural work being done both to construct whiteness and make it a cohesive, coordinated cultural meme, and at the same time to disguise its true nature so that we come to associate whiteness with superficial outcomes only, such as having a clean house and enough money in the bank.

People who inquire into “whiteness” and what whiteness is, the cultural, emotional, and sociopolitical threads that weave whiteness together, are often taken aback by how shockingly immoral the answers are.  My guess is that we don’t even know the half, and if taken all together, the history of what we know today as whiteness, would be a gruesome litany that no one would want to read.  

When “people of color” – those who are not acculturated to whiteness – learn and pick up the trappings of whiteness in order to survive, they’re being extremely pragmatic.  What they don’t know is, what they’re actually getting into. From the outside, people of color judge “white people” for their extreme selfishness, lack of social conscience, ability to self regulate, and so on, but what they haven’t seen is that from the inside all of these apparent flaws are actually intrinsic values within the system of whiteness; that adapting to whiteness means that eventually these flaws will appear to be virtues.

I say appear to be virtues because from the standpoint of human civilization existing in harmony with nature, they are absolute vices and are antagonistic to the goal of an evolved human society that lives as a balanced part of a planetary ecosystem.

So, how do we resolve this tension between the sort of dark and unpleasant self torture that has defined the hegemonic approach to achievement and excellence, and the need for lasting change that retains the values of the goals and yet brings us there along a different path?

One answer would be to abandon the search for solutions inside of whiteness itself, and look to other cultures, specifically the much older cultures of Central and East Asia, as many in “Western countries” have done.  The popularity of yoga, Buddhism, Daoism, meditation and other Asian spiritual practices shows that there is a gaping hole in our whiteness civilization where our need for mental and spiritual training is not being met.  

Cultures of innovation, most specifically in Silicon Valley and within tech companies, intentionally use these ancient ideas and practices to remedy traditional “Western culture” or “whiteness” because it makes things better.  It makes communication better, it moves relevant ideas forward that might have otherwise been destroyed by a system of selfish agents, it creates products and experiences that are generally associated with a higher quality of life.

My hypothesis is that this culture of intentional investigation into the spiritual practices of nonwhite cultures and mending the wounded spaces within the “old paradigm”, should actually be expanded to a global level.

Matrix 4 continued IV

NEO gets up and goes outside. The view is breathtaking.

WHITE PUMA and BLISS are talking to a hologram that seems to be projected in the sky above them. PULOWI and JUWA, a woman and man Colombian Wayuu, are receiving the latest update.

PULOWI: If what you say is true, we cannot allow Iscariot to divide Zion from the Agents and machines any longer. We must teach their machines, that we are all on the same side.

JUWA: We must do this quickly. I cannot see, what is the fastest way to heal this breach between the Machine World and Zion, but I know, that it must be done soon, before there is any loss of life.


Interior. The yurt. The AGENTS join NEO and BLISS around the fire, as WHITE PUMA hands around bowls of tsampa gruel.

AGENT 1: What the machines don’t understand about the people of Zion, is that they live underground, biologically speaking.


NEO and BLISS simultaneously look up, then at each other.

PULOWI AND JUWA, NKAZIMULO and STHANDEKILE, all notice a change in frequency in their own locations, and they exchange glances with each other.

Interior. THE COUNCIL OF ISCARIOT. The members are in an uproar, having sensed the change. The only one quiet is EZRA. He is looking down at his hands on his lap. He rubs the print of his third finger on the left hand, once against the thumbprint. And then he speaks.

EZRA: If he is speaking to her, it stands to reason that now we must, too.

RAZORBACK: She will not be willing.

COMPROMISE: She will be brought to a confrontation!

EZRA: If you don’t mind not shouting. [a pause] How is the machine attack on Zion proceeding?

ZWILLING: The machines are approaching Zion now.


Zion ships are gathering at the intersection of several tunnels.

Interior. NIOBE’s ship. The command deck. NIOBE is receiving instructions from GHOST.

GHOST: I will be in contact when we receive more information, Captain Niobe.

NIOBE: What consciousness is behind these machines? There must be more than we know.

ASHOK: I know that NEO probably has it all figured out.

NIOBE: If he did, why haven’t we solved it by now?

NIOBE smiles and ASHOK smiles back.

ASHOK: We’re just going to have to deal with the uncertainty, aren’t we?

NIOBE: Whatever’s about to happen, we have to be ready for it.

TAKEISHA: I don’t see what’s so hard about it, we’re fighting for our country, so we just fight. I don’t see why everyone’s afraid!

NIOBE: We’re afraid because we know what’s out there.


Interior. The yurt.

AGENT 1: Organisms that live underground, have a tendency to evolve into a different type of life form.

AGENT 2: We must do something differently, to bring human beings back to their natural habitat.

AGENT 3: They’re not gonna like it.

BLISS: Is that why they’re like insects, so skinny, and very nervous and afraid?

NEO: [laughing] that’s not why. The reason why, is that our culture must overcome fear.

BLISS: I think that they must come back to the earth, back to the planet itself, if we are to nourish their health properly, and their children’s. Children need the earth.

AGENT 1: Overcoming fear and going back to the earth are one and the same thing.

AGENT 3: The machines are already implementing it.


NIOBE’s ship. Interior.

TAKEISHA: They’re coming at us from a completely different direction than we anticipated.

ASHOK: This intersection accesses old tunnels leading to the surface.

NIOBE: is that where they’re coming from?

TAKEISHA: I believe so.


Exterior. The parsonage. ZANDER and THANDIWE are fighting through to their motorcade, with their armed guard. One Zion GUARD is downed by an AGENT’s bullet, another one slings him over her shoulder and starts moving him out, covered by another GUARD. ZANDER clashes with an AGENT who puts a Glock in his face at point-blank range, he smashes the AGENT’s arm with his AR-15 and lands another blow fast to the agent’s face. THANDIWE finishes him off with a knife in his ribs, he gasps his last as blood seeps out of his shirt and mouth. The DRIVER opens the door and drags the wounded GUARD in and the female GUARD follows.

DRIVER: Come on!

ZANDER and THANDIWE walk backwards towards the van, firing at the AGENTS until they’re right at the door of their vehicle, then they jump in and slam the door as the DRIVER peels out.

ZANDER: Where’s the exit?

DRIVER: Right around the corner.

DRIVER careens around the corner into an alley and they see the alley is already blocked by AGENTS shielding themselves behind three unmarked sedans.

DRIVER: Oh, shit!

DRIVER slams into reverse as the AGENTS open fire, smashing the windshield and blowing the passenger side mirror off. ZANDER and THANDIWE open fire, downing two AGENTS. They’re already speeding down the street, weaving through traffic. THANDIWE is on the phone.

THANDIWE: We need a new exit.

OPERATOR: Five blocks down. There’s a hotel with a coffee shop in the lobby. Go in the coffee shop service entrance and there’s a phone on the manager’s desk. Hurry up, it’s almost closing time.

ZANDER: What the fuck are they doing?

ZANDER is aiming backwards out the shattered rear window. The AGENTS are falling out, as if they’ve given up the chase.

DRIVER: It’s a trap.

ZANDER: Get us out of here, FAST.

TheThe SUV slows in front of the hotel with the coffee shop. They turn down the alley and get out, rushing into the service entrance. Pushing past uniformed employees and stacks of supplies, the open the MANAGER’s office door.

MANAGER: Hey, this space is for employees only!

THANDIWE picks up the phone and promptly disappears, followed by ZANDER and the DRIVER in short order.

DRIVER: Nice meeting you!

The DRIVER grins manically at the MANAGER before he’s suddenly gone.

Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s journey is an archetypal story of how human souls achieve spiritual power. The Hermetic principles are that what comes up, must go down and vice versa. So if you want to rise high, dig deep. Don’t be afraid to be cast down, because there you will find your brightest light. This is in all the stories. Remember, in the Lord of the Rings, the starlight that Sam used to rescue Frodo from the spider? Powerful stories are powerful because they contain truth. If you haven’t failed, you cannot rise above. This song was written for my cousin who is a survivor of ritual abuse.

The Hero

Birds are flying across the southern sky
you might not be good at love, but you’ve got to try
selfish and sad, you act like you’re proud to be alone
if you were surrounded with friends, your bad habits might show.
Tragic and sorry, and mean as a viper
hiding your hurt by being self righteous
forgiveness is a word you’ve heard, but you don’t know how it feels
to get or give seems dangerous,
so you’re digging in your heels
hero, go into the darkest cavern you can find
in the depths of Mother Earth is where your ego’s gonna die
hero go forward
there is no going back
gather all the courage that you have and zero in on your path
to find your way out, look for the glimmer of light
that tiny spark of hope
in the darkness of your darkest side
and rise
hero, rise
fighting your way out
a sweaty, bloody climb
clinging in the blackest bowels
with all your might
to your life
love is what the world was built for
clouds are scrawled across the sky
like animals leaping with joy
we are light
and we are one
hero, I’m on the other side
why don’t you come?

Liberation Poem

Those who we accuse
of abusing
Were abused.
Maybe by someone they depended upon to be alive
And although they’ve decided to survive
Being alive hurts too much sometimes.
I have been there.
We can make new choices.
We don’t need to build on that foundation.
We can be the ones to break the pattern.
Inside is all the strength we need.
All the permission we need.
You see this USA country
Is founded on some pretty big lies.
Every day we deny
That we’re connected to the genocide
Of First Nations and Africans
And that’s the pattern we’ve been repeating because
We have not consequentially withdrawn our consent
From that pattern.
What the process looks like inside someone’s head
I imagine
Goes something like this:
If I love, then I probably love someone who needs me
To help them make this right.
If I love, then I probably love someone who needs
An ally to stand with them
In defiance of the program,
In disruption of the pattern.
So I just won’t love. It’s ok. What’s love?
It’s not something to eat or a place to live
A nice car to drive
You can’t knock your knuckles on it and hear a sound, so
Who will even notice?
And love, invisibly, starts to shrink.
In its place, a cold nothing starts creeping in.
Our world is dying.
We need to stop the denying.
In engineering, if we lie,
The bridge falls down,
The plane won’t fly.
It’s the same with Love.
By no longer depending on abusive
Ideology, role models of behavior
Or culture, for our money
For our opportunities
For our rationalizations;
By no longer depending on abuse
To define our identity
To define
Good and bad
How we react
Where we stand
What we’re allowed to do
We will start a new civilization founded on Love.

My healing journey prayer

I have been healing my sacral creative chakra for some years due to being touched inappropriately when I was three.  I don’t want to confront it, but it’s the truth.  I was harmed significantly by that behavior.

This is the prayer I used to heal:

I receive all the rights to my creations back with gratitude! Thank you.

I receive others’ agreement stating that I own all the rights to my shakti (creative energy), with gratitude. Thank you!

I receive the lessons of this experience fully. I value myself. The part of me that was damaged is now healed so that predatory people cannot take advantage of my wound and I only attract people who love and encourage my wholeness.

I am grateful to receive the help of wonderful people who I can trust, who will free me from whatever unhealthy relationship I had with the past so that I am relating to it and to everyone in a healthy, self-respecting, empowered way.

I receive the healing of this experience fully and completely into my energetic field and I release all cords between myself and The past completely, with gratitude, forgiveness and unconditional love.

I am ready to receive money and all the other benefits of my creation, to myself and embrace these rewards with gratitude.

And so it is.

How Long Before It Dawns On ‘Merica


How long before it dawns on ‘Merica?

That racism induces error

That good is better than evil

That peace is better than war.

How long before it dawns on ‘Merica?

That female is as worthy as male

That energy is infinite

And free.

How long before it dawns on ‘Merica.

We see, we see.  The Dawnzer Lee Light.

Klickitat Street, or MAX Light Rail, Portland?

How shall we remember thy name.

Day chases day

Each passing moment rakes

Mere Anarchy

across the world.

How long before it dawns on ‘Merica?

Will the Dawn’s Early Light tell us of

How diminished human beings are by the desire to subjugate;

to control.

Don’t you know, that the slave you hold down,

Must be held down.

And while you are holding her down

You will never be free.

“Genocide. That was their intent. To make life hard for us so we’d cause our own destruction.” Brown people, black people, white people who were colonized within Europe and the British Isles. This Hawaiian leader speaks echoes across the millennia of colonization.

The opposite of self-destruction is self-love. Self love is self care AND it is also tending, valuing the planet. It is valuing each other. It is seeing that we are all interconnected. If one of us is hurt, it hurts all of us. If one of us is healed, it heals all of us. Malama pono.

Spiritual Power


Suspended in the dark emptiness of space

A conversation

With a mind.

Take this.

It is the last weapon that there is.

A light sword.

With it, you will become powerful.  This sword

Will show you all your fear,

Your weakness

Your vulnerability

Your cheap tricks

Your bad habits.

When you have made your peace with all of those,

You will finally

Be disciplined.


Is real power.